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    TikTok has surged in popularity since the pandemic began. And it’s not just the dance videos or political takes that are a huge hit. Real estate content? It’s doing well, too.

    How can real estate agents use TikTok, though?

    Over on Real Estate TikTok, you’ll find home tours, inside looks at home inspections, DIY walk-throughs, and more, and just like HGTV, these videos bring in the viewers. Some people even find their future homes on the app. 

    As an agent, there’s a lot of opportunity here to mine leads, network, and find new clients. In some cases, you may even sell a home via TikTok.

    Do you want to take advantage of TikTokkers’ growing interest in real estate?

    Here’s how real estate agents can use TikTok

    1. Show off your listings.

    Post video tours of each new listing you get. Be sure to put yourself in the video, too. TikTok is all about personality.

    2. Focus on the unique or extravagant.

    Use your videos to highlight the standout items in your listings. Is there an amazing pool? A crazily decorated room? A hidden study behind a bookshelf? These are the kinds of things that really take off on the app.

    3. Be yourself.

    It’s understandable if you’re going into this a little confused about how real estate agents can use TikTok. But one of the most important things to remember is that TikTokkers like to know who you are — not just your homes. Be candid, honest, and unfiltered in your videos, and really show off that personality.

    4. Answer common questions.

    Do you always get asked about closing costs? Are buyers confused about the mortgage process? Use your TikTok to break down these complex topics and really show your expertise.

    5. Offer local tips.

    Getting on your local TikTok can be a huge win, so create some content around local buying conditions, too. In a particularly hot market? Offer up tips for #HoustonHomebuyers to find that dream house.

    Head to the Discover tab and see what hashtags and songs are trending on the app. This is how real estate agents can use TikTok strategically because if you can use these on your own videos, it can up your exposure considerably.

    7. Respond and react.

    Your videos don’t live in a vacuum. Be sure to respond to commenters and react to anyone who duets or stitches your content. This is just another form of lead nurturing, so treat it as such.

    8. Interact with other RE TikTokkers.

    Don’t forget to follow other content creators in the real estate space. Comment on their videos, duet their content, and work together to drum up leads and followers.

    Need more help bringing in new leads or increasing your agency’s exposure? Head over to our real estate agent resources now.

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