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    Getting real estate leads from your website, Facebook page, or Instagram account is great — but that alone won’t equal more clients (or more commissions).

    Unless you have the tools and systems in place to cultivate those leads, nurture them, and convert them, they really won’t have an impact on your bottom line at all.

    So what should you do to make sure your leads are being put to good use? How can you bring in the most qualified, ready to buy-in leads possible? These tips can help.

    9 Ways to Manage (and Convert) Your Online Real Estate Leads

    Use automation tools.

    Set up automated email campaigns using tools like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, or Hubspot, so that when someone contacts you through your website, they automatically get put in the system. Set up a funnel of emails to introduce them to your brand and the types of service you’re able to offer. You should also start off by providing them with some sort of valuable resource — maybe a home buying guide or checklist of some sort. This will help you stand out in their minds as a true expert and advisor.

    Utilize chatbots.

    Obviously, you can’t respond immediately every time someone contacts you on Facebook, Google, or your website. But a chatbot? They certainly can. Chatbots can be configured to answer common questions, provide hours, and contact information, or even have full-on conversations with potential real estate leads. Best of all, they ensure the lead gets instant, convenient service — even when you’re away.

    Hire a virtual assistant or sales assistant.

    In addition to using chatbots to speed up response time, you can also employ a virtual assistant, appointment setter, or sales assistant to step in for certain real estate leads. This ensures the lead is put in your pipeline, without sacrificing too much of your own personal time or effort.

    Try texting.

    If you call or email a lead back but get voicemail or crickets in response, consider texting them instead. Texting shows you’re working quickly and on the fly, and it allows you to get more personal. Include an emoji or two, record a quick video message introducing yourself, or mention that open house you heard about next week and see if they want to attend. Go the extra mile, and you’ll be rewarded.

    Leave a question or two unanswered.

    Really want to keep the conversation going? Leave one question or concern unaddressed. Maybe it’s their question about which mortgage lender they should use to get prequalified or maybe you just don’t go into full details on your commission fee just yet. Either way, you want to leave the door open for more queries and another conversation. You want the chance to prove your knowledge and expertise!

    Be personal.

    Don’t just send over cookie cutter responses that are all about you. Thank the lead for contacting you, ask them about their goals and what type of home they’re looking for, and inquire about their timeline and ideal location. Let them know right off the bat that you care about their goals and have the expertise to make them happen.

    Keep following up.

    Not every real estate lead is ready to buy or sell right this very moment. They might take the first email or resource you sent them, sit with it, and mull it over for a few days or even weeks, so don’t let radio silence get you down. Put them in an automated drip campaign, so they keep receiving valuable tips and tricks that can help them along the way. Reach out via text or phone a few days after your last conversation to see if there are any lingering questions you can answer. Be there when they need you — and don’t be pushy when they don’t.

    Offer a free consultation.

    Everyone loves free stuff — but when it comes at a time you’re already spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home? Then free is even better. Make sure to offer real estate leads a free consultation, either by phone or in person. Even if it’s just 5 minutes, you can use the time to answer questions, get to know the client and position yourself as the guide they need along the way. Make sure to leave the contracts and paperwork behind in these consults. Stick to the lead’s needs and goals — and how you can help them achieve those.

    Build your network.

    Network referrals are a great way to find already qualified, ready-to-convert leads. Think of it this way: pretty much everyone in the real estate industry is going after one or two types of people — either home buyers or home sellers. Since you’re targeting both, you can sync up with virtually anyone in the business and agree to refer clients to one another. Know a great loan officer in the area? Send her your card. Heard about a new title company in town? Stop by and introduce yourself. Encountered a great home inspector? Reach out and say hi. Better yet, send him your customers. You can bet he’ll do the same when the opportunity arises.

    Embrace is happy to be one such referral partner. Get in touch with one of our loan officers to learn more about what Embrace is about — and how we can serve your valued clients and customers.


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