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    Warmer weather has started to appear, which means that the spring market is here. That said, if you haven’t started already, it’s time to focus on lead generation. To help you tackle that task, we’ve brought you five spring lead generation ideas that will help you make the most of this time of year and ensure that your business stays in full bloom.

    Use these spring lead generation ideas to grow more business

    1. Drop off some spring-themed pop-bys.

    If your goal is to get in touch with past clients who may want to take advantage of the spring market, consider dropping off a pop-by or two. As a refresher, pop-bys are small gifts with a marketing slogan attached to them. They usually fit in with the season and contain a strong call to action that gives your clients direction on how to proceed if they want to get in touch with you.

    Consider giving out one of the following spring-themed tokens:

    • Plantings: Pair it with the slogan, “If you’re OUTGROWING your home, I can help. Give me a call to discuss the possibilities.”
    • Birdseed: The slogan “Ready to move to a new NEST? I’ve got you covered” works well with this pick.
    • Girl Scout Cookies: Think about using, “Scouting the real estate market? Call me if you have a question about buying a new home” with this pick.

    2. Fill your marketing calendar with seasonal content.

    However, beyond leaving spring pop-bys on your neighbors’ doorsteps, there are plenty of ways to drum up business in real estate’s busiest season. One of them is by leaning into creating spring marketing content. One of the key principles of marketing is that your content should always be relevant. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to start creating blog and social media posts that cover seasonally-appropriate topics.

    While this is by no means a complete list, here are some topic ideas that can get you started thinking about what your marketing calendar should include this spring:

    3. Participate in annual festivals or events.

    Once the weather begins to get nicer, people start to want to get outside. In line with that, many cities and towns began to host local festivals and other outdoor activities. Typically, these events look for vendors or donors in order to help shoulder some of the costs. If you can afford it, consider participating. You’ll likely be given a chance to display your marketing materials and you may even be able to set up a booth where you can talk to interested attendees.

    If you can’t afford to be monetarily involved with the event, think about volunteering for it instead. Often, the people running these events need plenty of hands to help. In addition to being a great way to get involved in your community, volunteering will help you engage with others. There’s no saying that you can’t strike up a conversation and mention that you are in the real estate business.

    4. Sponsor a local organization.

    Alternatively, consider sponsoring a local organization. This time of year, many intermural sports teams and other extracurricular activities are looking for local businesses to sponsor their uniforms or help to assuage some of their other costs. If you were willing to participate, you could have your logo displayed for an entire season.

    If you decide to go this route, consider hosting a party for the participants at the end of the year. While this may be a cost to you, it’s also a great way to meet new potential clients. Surely, the participants (or their parents) appreciate your generosity and they may be looking for a way to return the favor. Plus, if nothing else, this step will help establish you as a benefactor in your community.

    5. Host a festive contest.

    Another way to lead community engagement is by hosting contests. In today’s modern age, you don’t even necessarily have to host it in person. You can easily do it over social media.

    To that end, think about asking your network to submit to a contest of your choosing and then offer a prize for the winner with the most engagement. For example, you could ask your followers to submit pictures of their spring curb appeal in the comments of one of your social media posts. Then, you can announce that the commenter with the most likes or upvotes is the winner.

    The bottom line on these spring lead generation ideas

    At the end of the day, generating leads for the spring market is all about volume and consistency. You’ll want to try to reach as many new contacts as possible and to follow up with anyone who shows interest in using your services. As long as you make sure to do that, you should have plenty of business by the time the spring market begins in earnest. Use these spring lead generation ideas to help you get started on your homework.

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