Real Estate Agents: Here Are 10 Types of Content You Should Post on Social Media

Real Estate Agents: Here Are 10 Types of Content You Should Post on Social Media

Most agents know that social media plays an integral role in any business — but actually using those social platforms (not to mention doing it successfully), well, that’s another story entirely.

What platforms are right? How much time and money should you spend on it? And most importantly, what the heck are you supposed to actually post there?

These are all common questions. Though we don’t have time to cover all of them in one short blog post, we’ve definitely got the content one covered (just see all the agent-related content we’ve created here at Embrace!)

So if you’re itching for types of content to post to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or even TikTok, just try these ideas on for size.

Types of content real estate agents can post on social media

1. Your own listings.

This one’s a given. For one, it’s free marketing. It helps get the word out about your listings and increases the chances of a sale (and that commission!) More importantly, though, it shows prospective clients that you pull out all the stops when selling a property. If you’ve got leads considering you and several other listing agents at the same time, it could be enough to put you over the edge.

2. Weird and viral real estate.

You can also post other listings (or even just random pieces of real estate) that are notable or interesting as another type of content. This might include celebrity homes, really lavish or luxe properties, or super weird or unique ones (like ZillowGoneWild shares on Instagram). 

The mortgage process is one of the most complicated parts of the home buying journey. Help your clients do their best to traverse it with educational, informational mortgage content that answers their questions and helps them make the best decisions possible. You can also share news updates on interest rates, loan products, and other mortgage-related topics (or just share posts from your favorite mortgage lender or loan officer).

4. Market updates.

Keeping your clients abreast of local market changes is critical — things like home price trends, sales numbers, and more. Sharing types of content from local newspapers or REALTOR® associations can be a good idea here, or you could even turn data into an easily digestible graphic or list of bullet points (try Canva for designing easy graphics). Remember that most people are scrolling social media on their phones, so the shorter and easier to read something is, the better.

5. Client celebrations.

Have a client who just bought or sold a place? Celebrate it on social media. Share a photo, tag them, and let your following congratulate them on the big news. You can even recognize things like buying anniversaries one, two, or 10 years after a home purchase.

6. Community events.

Show you’re a part of the community by sharing local news and community events. You can even attend various events (or even participate in community service), share photographic proof, or go live on social media. Be sure to use any localized hashtags or tag local accounts when you do. This type of content could get you a valuable share or retweet.

7. Jokes and memes are a type of content, too.

Sometimes, people want just plain entertainment — a good joke, a funny meme, or just something weird and silly. It doesn’t need to be daily or even weekly, but lighten up your newsfeed once in a while with something more humorous. (Sharing posts from Lighter Side of Real Estate, The Close, or Zillow Gone Wild is always a good option if you’re stuck for ideas.) 

8. FAQ, hacks, and tips.

Educational content is good, too — especially if it’s a topic you get lots of questions or concerns about. This might include house hunting tips, checklists for showings, or other handy tricks and hacks you’ve learned the way — anything that makes your clients savvier buyers or sellers.

9. Contests and giveaways.

The occasional contest or giveaway is a great type of content to grow your following and gain exposure. Most people these days require participants to tag friends or follow the accounts of partner businesses (each tag counts as an entry), and then a random drawing takes place a week or so later. Some ideas for prizes: A free home warranty, smart home tech like Ring doorbells or Nest thermostats, or home gadgets like air fryers or Instapots.

10. Personal updates.

Finally, just share content about yourself. Taking a vacation to Bali? Share photos. Did you just buy your own home or invest in an Airbnb? Post about it. People like to know you’re human — not a robot with automated content or copy-and-paste posts. (Plus, it makes you more relatable and helps your clients and followers feel more a part of your brand.)

Try some of these types of content and get socializing

Social media is a great way to both market your business and network, so if you’re not utilizing it already, it’s time to hop on the bandwagon. Need more ideas for marketing your business? Try these timeless strategies.

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