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    Social media isn’t an “if you build it, they will come,” sort of space. In order to see success on most platforms — and garner valuable leads and business from them — you need to understand how algorithms work.

    What are algorithms, exactly? They’re how platforms determine what content is prioritized and for which users. From a user standpoint, they’re why your feed looks the way it looks.

    Do you want your posts, videos, and photos to show up for the customers you’re looking to reach? Here’s what you need to know about social media algorithms — and how to leverage them best: 

    They favor relevance.

    Algorithms try to serve up content they think users want and are looking for. For example, if you regularly search for photos of puppies on Instagram, you’ll probably start getting served more content about dogs and other cute furry animals. You might even see ads for dog-related services because, put simply, the algorithm thinks you like them.

    If you want to make your real estate social media content more relevant, then post about topics your potential clients like or might be searching for. It could be local weather, nearby school districts, traffic updates or anything else relevant to the community. Even funny memes and jokes work.

    You can also include hashtags to better rank in your platform’s search results. Consider including your city name — like #clevelandrealestate or #clevelandrealtor. You also might do something like #househunting, #downsizing or #firsttimehomebuyer, to target specific segments of the market.

    They favor engaging.

    Content that gets client engagement — meaning likes, shares, comments, and stitches — gets prioritized by algorithms. The idea is that if all these people are interacting with the content, it must be great, right?

    To ensure your posts are engaging, think of the end user before you hitting send. What would inspire them to interact with it? Could you ask a question? Include a call to action? Give them advice they just have to share with others? Always post with the utmost interaction in mind.

    They favor timeliness. 

    Finally, algorithms like timely posts — things that are important in the here and now. Is there a traffic jam on the main highway in your community? Post about it ASAP. Is there a big fall festival happening this weekend? Throw the dates and times up on your social accounts for others to share. 

    You don’t have to post 24-7, but when you do, try to make your content as timely as possible — something your followers could utilize now or, at the very least, in the very near future.

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