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    The new year is just around the corner, and with it comes the promise of new beginnings and new opportunities. 

    How will you use 2022 to your advantage?

    Will you focus on increasing your commissions? Carving out more time for family? Solidifying your name as the go-to agent in your area? 

    The possibilities are endless. Here are just a few 2022 New Year’s resolutions you might want to set for yourself (but remember: The sky’s the limit!)

    1. Try a new social media strategy.

    In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, agents have had to rely on technology more than ever — particularly social media. They’re turning to Instagram Reels for marketing and Facebook Live for showings. They’re using TikTok to network and make a name for themselves. They’re even creating YouTube channels for video tours and other content.

    Make 2022 the year you try out some of these new-wave strategies — or even just one of them. Bust out of your comfort zone, start following agent influencers on a new platform, and see how you can use these tools to reach a new audience — all using your mobile device.

    2. Reach out to at least 10 previous clients per month.

    It’s easy to get caught up in the here and now and forget the sales you’ve already checked off the list. But nurturing those old relationships is critical to keeping a steady line of business coming — especially in today’s hot market.

    Each month in the new year, commit to reaching back out to at least 10 previous clients. It can be a quick text or email, or you can go a step further and send a written note or card (maybe celebrating their birthday or another holiday?) However you do it, the main goal is to get your name top of mind again, so if they happen to be mulling a real estate purchase or sale — or know someone else who is — they call you first. 

    3. Attend more community events.

    Networking is key to a booming real estate business, so if COVID had you pull back on those activities, now might be the time to pick it all back up again. 

    If you can, make it a point to attend at least one community event each month. In January, it might be a networking event for area mortgage professionals. In February, it could be a Valentine’s Day festival or farmer’s market. Whatever it is, be sure and talk to a good mix of professionals and community members — and always bring your business cards!

    4. Find three ways to be more efficient.

    More efficient means working less for the same results (or better ones). To make your business more efficient in the new year, consider adopting a new technology (maybe a chatbot to interact with website visitors in the off hours) or bringing in new help (an accountant to handle the books, perhaps?). 

    You can also look at your systems and processes for opportunities. Instead of taking an hour out of each day to watch the news or read a career-focused book, could you get the audiobook and listen on your way to showings? Could you listen to a news podcast while getting your daily workout in? Sometimes, saving just a few minutes a day can make all the difference.

    5. Invest in yourself.

    Your job might be to help others achieve their goals but don’t forget about your own, too. Set aside at least a few hours each month to do something that furthers your career and dreams. Maybe it’s taking an online course from a community college or watching a webinar from your favorite well-known agent. It could also mean attending a conference, working on a new certification, or brushing up on new marketing skills and strategies.

    Sit down and map out your goals, and do at least one thing every month to get closer to them.

    6. Create a new strategic partnership.

    It’s a great year to find new partners and strategic relationships — ones that enhance your career or help you better serve your customers and clients.

    Interior designers can be a great partner to have, especially if you’ll be focusing more on video tours and improving your listing photos. Other partners might include videographers who can enhance your listings or social media content, financial advisors/accountants/attorneys who can refer business your way, or influencers who can help market your listings to a younger audience. Get creative, and connect with people outside of the real estate world and find ways to strategically complement each other.

    New year, new heights

    Make 2022 the best year for your business yet. Set some goals and commit to furthering your career with each month that passes. Need more tips to improve this year? Try our real estate agent resources or check out these goal-setting and work-life balance tips

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