How to Find Warm Leads During the Cold Winter Months

How to Find Warm Leads During the Cold Winter Months

Oh the weather outside is frightful…and what’s worse is your seemingly frozen list of leads!

You’ve been in the business for long enough to know that winters tend to be a slow season for you, but this year feels different. You’re not getting enough people through your doors, and it’s time to take action. But how do you drum up warm leads in the first place?

Here, we’ll talk about five easy options you can try when seeking warm leads at any time of year — but especially when it’s cold outside!

1. Update your blog content to attract a new audience.

You’ve invested (time or money) in creating content for your prospects and leads, but are those marketing dollars working hard enough for you? If you have more time in your schedule because the leads aren’t coming in, dive into your published content and determine what it is you can edit to ensure your warm leads are viewing it.

Quality content helps your audience know, like, and trust you. It helps to build a connection before your prospects even talk to you the first time, so an investment here will serve you in the long run.

First, review your blogs for content. Is there anything that’s news-related that can now be turned into evergreen content? Do you have any short blog posts that you can add more details to? Are there posts that are performing well according to your analytics, but aren’t converting as you hoped? If so, put some effort into SEO and copywriting. Strategic, SEO-focused, and well-written content is an everlasting investment in your business.

2. Engage your email list to gain warm leads.

When was the last time you sent an email to your list that provided quality content, and not just the most recently listed homes available in their area? If you’re not sure, well, you’re not alone. 

Consistency is what most professionals struggle with when it comes to any marketing efforts, but if you’re being sporadic with your emails, you’re not staying top of mind for the people who are primed to want to work with you. Take a break from the “new listing” emails. Instead, share educational content. Create a poll to find out what their level of readiness is regarding buying or selling. Ask them what questions they may have and then link them to the relevant blog posts you’ve written on the subject.

Be helpful, authentic, and consistent to make the biggest impact here.

3. Socialize with warm leads on social media.

When was the last time you used social media professionally? And, before you ask, no, scrolling doesn’t count.

Similar to email marketing, social media will serve you best when you’re consistently showing up and letting your followers know how you can help them. However, social media affords you more of an opportunity to sell to warm leads, instead of trying to simply build relationships with them. Use your social platforms to remind your audience about who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. Self-promotion might feel strange at first, but doing so is what will make you stand out from the crowd of real estate agents using social media sporadically, just like you once were.

4. Ask former clients for an introduction.

One of the easiest ways to find warm leads is to let your current network know you’re seeking more clients. Send a quick email to happy former clients and ask them if there’s anyone they know who is planning to buy or sell their home in the near future. If so, ask for a direct introduction to them. Word of mouth referrals influence 93% of consumers, and a one-on-one intro like this moves your new connection away from being a cold lead, making them a warmed-up prospect with little work on your part.

Remember to thank your referral partners for all their help. A handwritten note or small gift is one way to thank them for connecting you both, but just remember that referrals cannot be promised incentives in exchange for an introduction to a new client. A gift is a gift is a gift.

5. Nudge your network for warm leads.

The people who work in similar fields as you can also help put you in front of the right people at the right time. Connect with colleagues in similar industries, such as loan officers, contractors, home stagers, lawyers, and more. They want to keep their own clients happy, and they’d prefer to introduce them to someone like you — someone that they trust and have known for a long time — versus suggesting they Google local real estate agents or take a guess and share the contact information of someone they don’t know well.

Your colleagues aren’t mind readers, and they don’t (likely!) have a magic ball. The only way they’ll know you’re seeking warm leads is if you directly tell them that you’re looking for more clients.

When it comes to warming up your lead list, just remember that you can’t be stagnant. There’s no better time to market your services than yesterday. Didn’t do it then? Well, then, make today the first day on your future marketing journey.

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