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    When it comes to real estate marketing, the ultimate goal is referrals—and rightly so. Referrals are:

    ⇒ The result of your relationship-building efforts, successful sales history, and ability to deliver a great customer experience

    ⇒ The end result of your marketing strategy

    ⇒ The reason you offer thoughtful and informative content on your website and social media.

    ⇒ Why you network and—one of the reasons—you give back to your community.

    Each of these approaches attempts to profit from what you’ve done. Why not market what you’re going to do?

    Your Role

    Your role in real estate is critical. Whether your client selects you to sell a property or help them find a home, you want them to choose you because:

    • You’re a creative marketer who knows the local real estate market inside and out
    • You know how to reach the widest possible audience
    • You are experienced at determining a reasonable price and mediating on their behalf during critical negotiations

    But why wait for them to discover how committed you are to providing the best home buying or selling experience possible? Why not make this commitment to new customers upfront?

    Your Commitment

    Promise your clients that you will:

    • Find the best comps to help determine the right selling price
    • Assist in showcasing their home to its best advantage
    • Market to reach the widest audience using all available channels
    • Develop a schedule for showings or viewings
    • Make yourself available and follow-up directly
    • Host an Open House and network with other REALTORS® to attract as many potential buyers as possible
    • Focus on pre-approved buyers and move quickly when an offer comes in
    • Oversee other agents, appraisers, inspectors, or any other professionals needing access to their home
    • Negotiate with potential buyers to arrive at an acceptable price and ensure that all agreed upon concessions have been completed to their satisfaction
    • Accompany them to the closing and make sure they’re well prepared
    • Promise they won’t be disappointed

    Let them know up-front just how much you value their business, how grateful you are for their trust, and that growing your business depends on them.

    Don’t be afraid to tell them that your hope is they’ll be so pleased with the results they’ll share their experience with family and friends who may be looking to buy or sell. Ask if they’ll commit to sending you referrals—provided you make good on your pledge, of course.

    Now that they know what’s important to you, all you have to do is deliver.

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