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    Gone are the days when all a home buyer needed was someone to walk them through a house and show up on closing day. Today’s home buyers are looking for a lot more when choosing a REALTOR®, and they have high expectations for exactly what—and how—that agent should deliver.

    Just take a recent study by Open Listings, for example. By looking at the top phrases appearing in five-star real estate agent reviews across the web, Open Listings found that home buyers resoundingly want an agent with “on-demand(ish) availability.” The terms “quick,” “responsible” and “available” were seen time and time again throughout good reviews.

    Other things buyers are looking for when finding a REALTOR®?


    They want an agent who’s plugged in, who has a social media presence and website, and who can help them find homes in the most digitally savvy ways possible. They want to schedule showings via apps and websites, and they want text and email communication almost exclusively.

    No pressure sales.

    Today’s buyers don’t want the hard sell nor do they want their agent to push them or pressure them toward a decision. Open Listings’ study showed an overwhelming appearance of the term “helpful” across reviews—meaning buyers want information for their decision-making, not someone to make their choices for them.

    Local knowledge.

    Though buyers want tech-savvy, they don’t want a REALTOR® who’s inaccessible or far away. Most are searching for things like “realtor near me” when looking online, and they want someone with intimate knowledge of the exact area they’re buying in.

    People skills.

    Buyers want someone they feel comfortable and at ease with. And according to Open Listings, friendliness, politeness, and just plain being nice are huge priorities for buyers. They might love house hunting online, but a personal connection with their agent can go a long way.

    A partner not just a Real Estate Agent.

    In general, buyers want a partner—an ally who can guide them through the home buying process and help them see success from start to finish. They want someone who has their best interest at heart and who can help every step of the way, from finding potential homes and touring those properties to finding a lender and, ultimately, signing those closing papers.

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