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    While social media marketing continues to grow in leaps and bounds, there are still some traditional marketing approaches that can have a positive impact on your business. From smallest to largest here are six should try.


    They come in all shapes and sizes and can be printed cheaply at your local print shop. Use them to promote a new listing and build your brand at the same time.

    Door hangers

    Another brand building vehicle that gets the attention of those who might be thinking of selling. Target a neighborhood and start walking.

    Flyers and Brochures

    This format gives you a little more room to tell your story, how long have you’ve been in the community and what distinguishes you from the competition. Detail your success rate and include customer testimonials.

    Press releases

    Having a First-Time Homebuyers Seminar, hosting a fundraiser for a local charity or kicking off a new co-branding partnership, a concise, “who, what, where, when and why” in the form of a timely press release will keep you in the public eye. Newspaper editors are always looking for pieces of local news to fill space.  Submit to local business periodicals as well.

    Drive time radio

    The audience demographics need to right, but a radio ad, even one as short as 15 seconds, can be a great way to build your brand with locals. Take some time to sit down with local radio marketers and see what time slots are available.


    Picture a giant business card. This is an extreme and it’s expensive, but whether you’re new in town or just trying to get the word out, a billboard ad in a high traffic area can be a great way to introduce or re-introduce yourself to the community.

    Be sure to include your web address and list the social media platforms where you can be found.  While they may be “old school” each of these approaches can work when done right.

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