The Importance of Listing Photos (and how to get the perfect ones)

The importance of listing photos (and how to get the perfect ones)

Online listings are hugely important. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, 95% of homebuyers used the web to search for homes last year, and for more than half of them? It’s where they found their eventual home.

For 84% of buyers, listing photos were the single most important valuable feature when searching online. (With younger age groups — those between 23 and 56) — they were even more vital.

The moral of the story: Your real estate listing photos might just be your biggest marketing tool. So making sure they’re great? That should be priority No. 1.

Want to make sure your listing photos are doing all they can to sell your clients’ homes? Follow these tips:

1. Remember that less is best.

Removing clutter helps the home look larger, cleaner, and just generally more attractive. Before scheduling real estate photography, make sure your clients take time to declutter and clear away any unnecessary items. All personal items should be off the walls, shelves should be neat and tidy, and decor should be minimal — think a small centerpiece on the table, a lamp by the bedside, or a vase of flowers on the counter.

2. Let there be light.

Nothing’s better than natural light. It opens up a space and makes it feel large, airy, and inviting. To make sure each listing photo captures the home in plenty of natural light, roll up the blinds and pull back any curtains or drapes. If window coverings are particularly heavy (like blackout curtains, for example), you might want to remove them entirely. 

3. Consider composition and context.

Make sure the room looks balanced. Are all the furnishings on one side of the room? That could make the space look cramped and small. Are you showcasing how the floor, walls, and ceiling can be used? A mirror on the wall or a nice light fixture can help here.

You should also make sure the photos show context. Is the kitchen just beyond? Does the room flow into the living area? Are the stairs right around the corner? Providing context in your photos can help a potential buyer better evaluate if the home meets their needs.

Need better listing photos? Go with professional real estate photography

Hiring a professional real estate photographer is typically the best thing you can do to ensure your real estate listing photos are top-notch. Need more advice for staging a home? Try these summer tips. You can also improve your listings even more with these apps and tools.

Need an experienced lender to refer your clients to? Get in touch with an Embrace Home Loans office in your area today. 

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