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    Home staging is the bread and butter of real estate professionals. Data shows that 81% of buyers’ agents believe their clients visualized the property more vividly, and it’s all due to home staging. 

    But the days of traditional staging, relying solely on physical furniture and renovations, are gradually giving way to a new era of virtual presentation.

    With the surge of virtual home tours and online property listings, it’s now more crucial than ever for realtors to use technology to make their properties stand out.

    Now, how do you use technology to stage your listings and stand out? Let’s find out. 

    The Essentials You Need Before Showcasing Your Property

    To succeed in showcasing properties effectively with technology, you need to get the basics right. These essentials lay the foundation for your tech-enhanced home staging strategy:

    A Professional Website

    Your website is your online storefront. It’s where potential buyers will first encounter your listings. Thankfully, there’s no need to be a developer—there are plenty of ready-made themes you can just install and start using as a realtor. First, you need a domain, hosting service, and CMS, such as WordPress. And if you want to scale up, you can modify the theme or pay someone to snoop through the WordPress backend and alter the site that way.

    High-quality Photos and Videos

    Investing in professional photography and videography is a non-negotiable requirement. High-resolution images and clear videos are essential for showcasing a property’s features. Use good lighting and capture various angles throughout the entire property to provide a comprehensive view.

    Quality-of-life (QoL) Features

    We’ve already mentioned the importance of an aesthetically pleasing website. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as the best realtors have sites full of features, such as AI chatbots, glossaries, and most importantly, online scheduling. 

    According to Weave, a unicorn small business software startup, online scheduling is one of the foremost components of a smooth user experience, and it’s coincidentally one of the most underrated components of tech-enhanced home staging. If buyers can solve everything in the palm of their hand, they’ll be less likely to get cold feet. 

    Augmented Reality (AR) Tools

    AR apps like roOomy and IKEA Place can transform how you stage properties. These tools allow you to place virtual furniture and decor items in real-time within images or videos of empty rooms. For instance, IKEA Place lets users see how IKEA furniture would fit and look in their space using their smartphone’s camera.

    Virtual Renovation Apps

    Apps like Hutch and Houzz offer virtual renovation capabilities. They enable you to digitally remodel spaces and showcase the “before” and “after” possibilities to potential buyers. Houzz, for example, provides a robust suite of tools for remodeling and design, offering a clear vision of a property’s potential. Don’t be afraid to explore innovations–that’s how you get the opportunity to build relationships

    How to Set Up Home Staging with Tech

    Setting up a tech-enhanced home staging is all about using the right tools and techniques to make your property shine. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

    1. Choose the right tech tools. Start by selecting the tech tools that best suit your needs. Augmented reality (AR) apps and virtual renovation software are top choices for modern home staging.
    2. Prepare your property. Declutter and clean the property thoroughly. Tech can enhance, but it can’t cover up mess and disarray.
    3. Capture high-quality photos and videos. It’s crucial to make sure your property is well-documented. Take high-quality photos and videos of each room, ensuring good lighting and clear angles.
    4. Use augmented reality (AR) furniture placement. Employ AR apps to virtually place furniture and decor in empty spaces. This can give potential buyers a better idea of the property’s potential.
    5. Virtual renovation apps. Use virtual renovation apps to showcase potential changes and improvements to the property. These apps allow you to virtually repaint walls, replace flooring, and more.
    6. Test and optimize. Test your tech-enhanced staging thoroughly. Ensure everything looks realistic and appealing. For example, you can test how your audience reacts to tech. You can run experiments allowing people to read up on the history of the neighborhood with an integrated PDF viewer. While a digital leaflet isn’t groundbreaking, it sends a subtle hint that you’re not only willing to embrace tech but are also adept at using it.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid When Using Tech for House Staging

    Using technology to enhance house staging is powerful, but several common pitfalls can hinder your success. Here are five key mistakes to avoid:

    Overwhelming Potential Buyers with Too Much Tech  

    While technology can enhance your property’s presentation, overloading your listing with gadgets and gizmos can be a turnoff. Keep it simple and user-friendly. A few well-chosen tech enhancements are often more effective than an array of distractions.

    Not Using Quality Tech Tools 

    Investing in high-quality software and apps for virtual staging and renovations is paramount. Subpar tools can result in lackluster visuals, potentially diminishing the appeal of your listings.

    Overutilizing Tech Tools

    Another mistake you should avoid is going overly fast. You can introduce innovations gradually, but make sure your target audience is comfortable with the medium you’re using. If you’re looking for sellers in an area full of retirees, make sure your website is as simple as possible. 

    However, if you’re in an area full of tech firms and startups, don’t hesitate to mention things such as AI-powered mortgages, VR house makeovers, and other tools of the future. 

    Not Providing Sufficient Tech Support

    If you include high-tech features like VR tours or AR furniture placements, be prepared to offer tech support. Buyers may have questions or run into issues. Having responsive support can make a big difference in their overall experience.

    Ignoring Privacy and Security Concerns 

    With augmented reality and virtual tools, there may be privacy and security concerns. Make sure to address these and inform potential buyers about how their data is handled. Being transparent about these issues builds trust.

    Other Tips for Effective Tech-Enhanced Home Staging

    So, you’ve embraced technology to enhance your home staging efforts, and you’re on the right track to make your property listings stand out in the digital marketplace. Here are some additional tips to ensure your tech-savvy approach is a success:

    Partner with Other Tech-savvy Realtors

    The expertise of other realtors who are comfortable with using high-tech solutions can be a great resource. If you can collaborate with other professionals in the field, you could potentially learn a lot about varying topics such as virtual tours and online marketing.

    Highlight In-home Technology

    It’s not just about the technology you use to stage the home; it’s also essential to emphasize the tech that already exists within the home. This can significantly enhance your property’s appeal. 

    For example, if the property is a multi-family residential building, make sure to mention features like around-the-clock residential surveillance, security guards, and alarms with sensors. These security measures not only provide peace of mind but also add an extra layer of desirability for tech-savvy buyers.

    Maintain the Human Touch

    While tech is fantastic, don’t forget the importance of personal connections. Even in the digital age, people appreciate a warm and professional touch. Be available to answer questions and provide guidance throughout the buying process.

    Technology evolves quickly. Keep an eye on emerging trends in home staging and real estate tech. This will help you stay ahead in a constantly changing market.


    Tech-enhanced home staging is the present and the future. Using technology to showcase homes is no longer a choice, but a must. It’s how you catch the eye of potential buyers and create a compelling story of modern living.

    By keeping up with technology, your property listings will shine online and attract those searching for their perfect homes. 
    In enhancing your tech-savvy staging approach, it’s also beneficial to consider the broader home-buying experience. Partnering with comprehensive service providers such as Embrace Loan Officer helps increase the client’s financing options, making you stand out even more as a reliable real estate agent.

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