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    Staging can make a big difference for a listing. In fact, according to a report from the National Association of Realtors, 87% of buyers’ agents say staging helps shoppers better visualize a property as their home. What’s more? It even impacts the dollar amount they offer.

    According to the report, 23% of agents say real estate staging boosts offers by 1% to 5%, while another 21% say it’s somewhere between a 6% and 15% premium. But home staging is expensive, right? And it also takes lots of time and skill… or does it?

    A decade ago it might have, but now, thanks to virtual staging software and technology, staging a listing is really just a few clicks of your mouse away.

    Do you want to stage your clients’ homes, but don’t have the time, budget or skill to do it? Here are three virtual staging tools that can help.

    1. BoxBrownie

    WIth BoxBrownie, you just send in your images, and the rest is history. The company offers image enhancement for $1.60 per photo and full virtual staging for $24 each. BoxBrownie can even remove unwanted items from an image or switch the lighting from dawn to dusk. The best part? You’ll get all your images back within just 24 hours.

    2. VisualStager

    If you want more control of your listing’s styling, try VisualStager. With this one, you get to DIY the staging. Just upload your photos, and add furniture, decor, and artwork using the tool’s easy drag-and-drop functions. 

    With this one, pricing is a bit cheaper (though it will take more time). You’ll pay just $8,97 to $15 per photo, depending on how many credits you purchase at once. 

    3. iStaging

    Want to your listings up a notch? Give iStaging a chance. This one lets you not only stage spaces, but also create panoramas, virtual tours, dollhouse views, floor plans, and more — all using your mobile phone. Pricing varies, but there are a number of monthly subscriptions options to choose from (ranging from $5 to $95 per month.)

    Offer more than virtual staging

    Staging your clients’ listings is just one way to deliver an outstanding experience. Want to do more? There are many listings apps and tools available, you should also refer them to a knowledgeable and helpful mortgage professional. Get in touch with an Embrace Home Loans office in your area to connect with one today.

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