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    Social recommendations sway consumers, and a potential client will want to know that other people loved working with you so that they feel safe teaming up with you, too.

    But how do you get client testimonials to share with these leads? If you haven’t collected praise from your past clients before, the practice may increase your anxiety and feel extremely awkward. But it doesn’t have to. Sending a testimonial request should be just another part of your normal workflow. 

    In this article, we’ll explain how to ask for testimonials from your clients so that you can share them with your prospects and showcase them on your organization’s real estate website.

    Make Some Decisions

    If you’re new to asking for testimonials, first decide how you’ll reference your clients when you share their kind words. Will you use their entire name? Will you add the city in which they live? Will you ask for a picture or a video testimonial?

    Many of your clients will be happy to provide a testimonial. However, some might want some privacy at the same time. A common way to collect their testimonials while maintaining their privacy is to use their first name and location, such as Mary from Seattle or Ryan from Norfolk County.

    Just Ask

    Are your nerves getting in the way? Asking for a client testimonial is a completely normal practice in all industries. Word-of-mouth referrals grow businesses and create happy customers. So, don’t let fear hold you back. All you have to do to start collecting praise and client reviews is to simply ask for them. 

    When you send a testimonial request, it is best practice to tell your customers how you’ll use their words — such as on a website or in an email you send to new customers — and how you’ll reference them in the testimonial. It’s also helpful to include questions for them in case they have trouble coming up with praise on their own.

    Here’s a script you can use:

    “Hi (client’s name),

    It’s been such a pleasure working with you. Would you be willing to write a testimonial that I can use (describe how you’ll use it)? I’ll reference you as (explain which details you’ll share).

    If you’re having trouble figuring out where to start, these questions might spark some inspiration.

    (Include questions)

    Thank you again for choosing to work with me.

    (your name)

    Testimonial Questions to Include

    As previously mentioned, your past clients may feel more comfortable answering questions rather than starting from scratch. Here are some questions to consider including. Remember, you’ll want your client testimonials to be varied in topic, so you might want to mix up the questions you include in your request based on the experience you’d had working with each client.

    Start with these questions, and add to this list as you get comfortable asking for testimonials.

    • How did you feel before deciding to work with me?
    • Why did you choose to work with me instead of one of my competitors?
    • How did you feel during the process of working together?
    • How do you feel now that the loan has been processed?
    • What made you happiest about working with me?
    • Did I exceed your expectations in any way?
    • Did we overcome any hurdles working together? If so, how did you feel about my problem-solving skills?
    • What is the main thing you’d recommend about our product or service?
    • What would you tell someone who was considering working with me?

    Again, you only need to include two or three of those questions in your request, but there is one that all of your clients should get, just in case they have something to share that didn’t quite fit in one of the answers to the questions above.

    Ask everyone, “Is there anything else about your experience you’d like to share with me?”

    Get Their Permission

    When you receive a testimonial, make sure to explain to your clients how and where you’ll use them, such as on social media. Then, ask them if you have their permission to share their words in this manner. Sure, they’re answering the questions you’ve asked, but you want your clients to feel confident that you’re using their recommendation in the manner they expected.

    Here’s a script you can use:

    “Thank you so much for sharing these kind words with me. I plan on using your testimonial in emails to prospective clients, on my social media channels, and on the website. Is that okay with you?

    There’s one more thing — keep your eyes open for any and all testimonials that come your way without you having to ask them. For example, if one of your clients emails you a very kind note thanking you for your patience with all their questions, ask for the opportunity to share their words in your collection of testimonials. Praise doesn’t just come at the end of a client relationship. It can be found at many different touchpoints, so long as you listen carefully.

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