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    Holidays offer the perfect opportunity to get creative with your marketing strategies — especially Halloween.

    Around this unique holiday, you have the chance to do things a little different. You can get spooky, dress up, or even get the kids involved. There are tons of ways to change it up and really embrace the fun of the season.

    Have you planned any Halloween-themed marketing efforts yet? If not, here’s some inspiration.

    1. Host a haunted open house.

    If you’re hosting a haunted house this week, why not make it a haunted one? Throw some faux cobwebs on the front porch, station a few skeletons in the closet, and dress up like a witch or mummy. You can even put on spooky music or host the event at night (fog machine required!)

    2. Include your card in your trick-or-treat bags.

    If you have a physical office in a walkable area, be sure to deck out your office and hand out trick-or-treat bags. Include candy, of course, but also add in marketing swag — like your business card, a useful magnet (maybe the local school district calendar), and a pen or pencil with your branding on it. Then, when the kiddos’ parents go through each bag, they’ll see your name!

    3. Run a Halloween contest.

    Use your social accounts to run a Halloween-themed contest. It could be a pumpkin carving or costume contest or maybe a charity-related one. Could you see who can gather the most blanket donations for a local shelter or who can put together the most school supply packs for a local underserved elementary school? 

    Whatever you do, just make sure the prize is good. You could even partner with a local restaurant or business to get some valuable gift cards.

    4. Host a trunk or treat.

    Trunk-or-treat events have become incredibly popular in recent years, so if you have access to a large lot (or know another business that does), try hosting one yourself. Get all your agents, friends, and local business owners involved, and ask each person to have a unique theme for their trunk. You can even use a branded car or vehicle for extra exposure. 

    Once you have things all arranged, get the word out. Post on social media, hang flyers, take out an ad in the local paper, and head out to local community events to make sure families know when and where to be!

    Need more Halloween marketing ideas?

    Want more ways to grow your business? Check out our fall marketing ideas or see our agent resources section for more help. You can also connect with an Embrace Home Loans office in your area to grow your referral network. 

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