8 Spring Home Decor Ideas to Brighten Your Space

8 Spring Home Décor Ideas to Brighten Your Space

Winter is finally in the rear-view mirror. It’s time to pack away those heavy coats, stash the snow shovels in the garage, and start bringing your home out of the chilly, winter doldrums.

Sure, that cable knit blanket and space heater were a must in the colder months, but now that spring is on its way? You’ll want to nix those winter necessities and bring in some cheerier fare instead.

Do you need help doing that? Here are eight ways to spring-ify your home — without breaking the bank in the process.

Easy, budget-friendly spring home decor ideas

1. Change out your drapes and curtains.

Take down those thick, heavy curtains and replace them with something light and airy — a chiffon, gauze, or other sheer material, ideally.

These allow more light into the space, which can help it feel brighter (and larger!) If you opt to open the windows, they also catch the breeze nicely, giving your room an easy, romantic feel to it.

2. Bring in some fresh flowers.

Flowers aren’t just for your garden. If you really want your home to feel spring-y, then bring a bit of the outdoors in. Add some fresh flowers to your centerpiece, put a vase of tulips on the mantel, or add a pot of greenery on your bookshelf.

Little pops of nature can really make all the difference. (If you’re looking for plant recommendations, try these great indoor options). 

3. Swap out a light fixture.

Changing light fixtures is one of the fastest, most affordable spring home decor ideas and a great way to change up a room’s entire look.

If you’ve got a simple sconce or ceiling fan light, opt for something brighter and more of a focal point — like a chandelier or some Edison bulbs. You could even go for track lighting and really light up the space.

4. Switch your color palette.

Dark tones like browns, blacks, and deep reds have no place in the spring, so if your home trends toward this side of the rainbow, think about switching it up a bit.

It might be as simple as adding an accent color — perhaps working in a turquoise or natural green to bounce off the brown — or you might need to change out your colors entirely. 

Wallpaper can be a nice way to do this without a ton of work — especially if you’re dealing with dark-painted walls throughout.  

5. Change your duvet, pillows, and blankets.

This is another easy way to bring spring-inspired colors and materials into your home. Just remove those thicker blankets, the winter-hued pillowcases, and other, more muted items, and swap them for brighter options — a duvet color in pastel yellow, bright blue pillows, or some fun, patterned blankets and throws. 

6. Switch your kitchen towels.

In the kitchen area, you can take the same approach. This time, just pack away your existing towels and rugs, and bring in cheerier ones instead.

Target usually has some great, affordable options (some are even the dollar section!), or you can look at big box stores or even at thrift shops for spring home decor ideas.

The best part? You only have to do it once. Just store the items away after each season, and bring them back out when the weather changes.

7. Update your accessories.

Updating your knick-knacks and accessories can go a long way, too. This means your candles, lampshades, coffee table books, and more. Think thinner materials, brighter hues, and a more lightweight feel.

You can even switch out the pots on any indoor plants you may have (a bright terracotta pot is much more spring-feeling than a heavy, steel-grey ceramic one, for example). 

8. Bring in more light.

As spring sets in, the days get longer and those sunlight hours start to extend. Your home should reflect this trend, with a brighter, airier feel throughout.

A great way to achieve this?

That’d be by adding some additional mirrors. Put a small one on the gallery wall along the stairwell, or install a big one over the mantel. It will reflect light and instantly open the space up.

You can also just commit to opening up the windows more. As it gets warmer out, try to open ones across from each other, and this will better encourage airflow and keep the place cool. Again, lightweight, flowy window dressings are best here.

Ring in spring with these home decore ideas

Spring is here!

Do you need help getting your home spruced up after its long winter’s nap?

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