How to Make Your Home ‘Hygge’ for Fall & Winter

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There’s nothing cozier than Hygge. With its soft, welcoming textures, carefully placed lighting, and neutral, all-inclusive tones, this Danish-inspired design style is perfect for the fall and winter seasons.

Don’t have the cash to do a full-out redesign before the chilly weather hits? Fortunately, Hygge doesn’t require all that.

With just a few simple changes and a little creativity, Hygge-ing your home is easier (and more affordable) than you think. 

Here’s how to make it happen:

  1. Change out your fabrics. Swap out your curtains, pillowcases, and area rugs for cozier options — things like knits, faux-fur, and woven materials in neutral tones of white, cream, or tan. Throwing a comfy, cable-knit blanket on the couch can also add a nice Hygge touch.
  2. Think comfy and cozy. Hygge is all about enjoying life’s simpler pleasures. It’s not super polished or pulled-together, but instead has a more lived-in feel — one that’s comfortable, cozy, and welcoming. It’s not hard, acrylic furniture or sparkling glass tables you need to stress over keeping clean; it’s oversized chairs and plush cushions you can fall into after a long day. 
  3. Incorporate more light. Light plays a big role in the Hygge design aesthetic, so find ways to add more in each space you tackle. This can be as simple as removing a too-heavy curtain, lighting the fireplace, or adding a small table lamp or pendant light in an otherwise dark corner of the room. A few well-placed candles or a string of twinkle lights are also great ways to add more light.
  4. Keep it varied. Hygge isn’t matchy-matchy, so try to mix up your decor as much as possible. Grab the pillows, blankets, and throws from the den and mix and match them with those in the bedroom, living room, and other areas of the house. Try to get a good variety of textures, patterns, and hues going wherever possible. You can even mix and match chairs and table sets to really get the lived-in feel Hygge strives for.
  5. Refresh your walls. If you’ve got bold or bright paint colors, it’s time to tone them down with a more neutral tone. Think matte whites, greys, blues, and taupes, and steer clear of too much contrast. You can even hang a textured wall hanging for an extra cozy touch.
  6. Focus on the senses. If you want the full Hygge experience, you need to expand beyond the sights and embrace all the senses. Bring in seasonal scents with candles or small potted plants, and light a fire for the crackling-log sound that just screams of winter. Wrap yourself in a cozy, electric blanket, and sit back with a hot cup of mulled wine for the full effect.
  7. Layer, layer, layer. Hygge is minimalistic, in a sense, but it’s also heavy on the layering. Layered blankets, pillows, textiles, and even table settings are a big Hygge feature, and you really can’t do too much in this regard. If it adds a sense of comfort to the space, it’s a welcome addition in a Hygge room.
  8. Go back to basics. A huge, overstuffed chenille couch might have that Hygge feel, but you don’t have to go all-out to achieve the same level of comfort. At the end of the day, go back to basics. Need a Hygge-style place to rest your laurels? Buy a few oversized cushions and make a welcoming spot on the floor. Want a Hygge-inspired area to eat dinner? Throw down a knit blanket and have a family picnic.
  9. Bring in natural woods. Natural woods are huge in Hygge, but you don’t have to invest in all new furniture or cabinetry to incorporate them. Consider refinishing your dresser, repainting the cabinets, or even using stick-ons to re-do your counters, walls, or other features. When in doubt, adding a few wood-heavy plants can do the trick.
  10. Create a Hyggekrog. A Hyggekrog is a small, uber-cozy nook you can use to read, enjoy a cup of coffee, or even just take a nap. Window seats make for great Hyggekrogs. Throw in a few large cushions, a blanket, and a pendant light, and you’ve got your new go-to morning newspaper spot. A chaise lounge or large recliner in the corner of a room can make for a good Hyggekrog as well. It’s all in the details!

Whatever you do, avoid super-bright, bold colors that clash and contrast, and don’t go too modern or sleek in your approach. The point of Hygge is to create a warm, welcoming environment where you and your loved ones feel at home and at ease.

Make Your Hygge Dreams Come True

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