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    Kitchen renovations are usually some of the best ones you can make as a homeowner. According to Remodeling Magazine, a minor kitchen remodel may result in a 77.6% ROI and more than $18,000 in added resale value when it comes time to sell your property.

    Unfortunately, not everyone has the cash to update their kitchens — nor the time to.

    Are you looking for a low-cost, low-hassle way to renovate your existing kitchen?

    Here are eight affordable kitchen update options:

    1. Sleek cabinet hardware

    Adding clean, metallic handles to your cabinets can give them an instant luxe look. They’re easy to DIY, too, and only take an hour or two to install.

    2. Subway tile backsplashes.

    Tile backsplashes are huge in the luxe market — especially in classic tones like white marbled grey. You can also lay them in a herringbone pattern for an even bigger impact.

    3. Painted countertops.

    Can’t afford new quartz or marble counters?

    Paint over your old wood or laminate ones instead. Just grab a faux stone paint kit, set aside a few hours, and the rest is history.

    4. Pendant lights.

    Swap out that standard old ceiling light for hanging pendant lamps or recessed lighting. Both can give the space more depth and a more elegant feel. Pendant lights (or any hanging lights, for that matter) also make your ceilings feel higher — another big plus!

    5. Peel-and-stick flooring.

    Tired of the linoleum look?

    Grab some peel-and-stick vinyl tile in a stone- or concrete-like look. All you need is a little grout for the edges, and you’ve got a brand new floor — at a fraction of the cost.

    6. Open shelving.

    If you can’t swing all new cabinets, just take the fronts off your existing ones. Open cabinets are a big win in the luxe space, and they require very little work to accomplish, too.

    You can even paint the backs of the cabinets for an extra pop of color.

    7. Ceiling tiles.

    Decorative ceiling tiles can give any room that elegant, expensive feel, without much work or investment. You might even choose mirrored tiles for extra impact. 

    8. Crown molding.

    Nothing screams luxe like crown molding. You can retrofit your walls, baseboards, and even ceilings with it — and all you need is some nails and a little paint.

    Need Cash for Kitchen Upgrades?

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