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    Updating your house doesn’t have to be a months-long endeavor. Though major-scale renovations can certainly improve your home’s value and aesthetics, they’re not the only option if you’re looking for a change of pace. 

    Are you short on time but itching to give your house a fresh new look or feel?

    11 simple home updates you can do in just one day

    Nothing creates visual interest like a gallery wall. They’re super easy, too. You can add photos, mirrors, prints, artwork, and just about anything else you find appealing.

    Mixtiles are another great option if you’re looking to add a personal touch.

    2. Upgrade your garage storage system.

    If your garage is just a hot mess of tools, boxes, and seasonal decorations, then this one should move to the top of the list.

    Use part of your weekend to install a hanging rack and get some of those boxes and less-used items off the ground, or add wall and ceiling hooks to hang bikes, tools, and other outdoor items.

    You can also build some heavy-duty shelves to line the garage walls. This will give you a place to store future items and keep the mess from returning.

    3. Build a shelf or bookcase.

    Bookcases and shelves (both standing and mounted) are great ways to better organize your home, as well as add some visual interest. Use them to store books, photos, board games, toys, or DVD, and consider adding some more decorative elements —  like a fun bookend or a vase of faux flowers.

    4. Plant a garden.

    Give your curb appeal a little boost with a newly planted garden or tree. Tear out any old or dying plants, weed the area, and add in some seasonal flowers or shrubbery.

    Top with some new mulch, and you’re done. Just make sure to water regularly. 

    5. Repaint your shutters, garage door, or front door.

    Repainting your entire house is a big undertaking, but just one exterior element? That’s a quick and easy way to make an impact.

    Consider giving your shutter a new coat of paint, or change your door to a brighter, more colorful hue for a nice pop (as long as it’s OK with your HOA).

    Repainting your garage door can also be a good way to make a splash, though it often takes a bit longer than the other options.

    6. Replace your mailbox and address numbers.

    It doesn’t take long to give your exterior a makeover.

    Simple upgrades like a new mailbox, updated address numbers, or even adding a brass kickplate can go a long way in making an impact. Adding a front porch bench can add a lot of visual interest, too.

    7. Makeover your dining room table.

    Tired of your old and scratched up dining set? Forget buying an entirely new one. Instead, use slipcovers to give your chairs a new look, and restain or paint the table for a little facelift. Throw in some new placemats and a slightly different tablescape, and you’ve got a whole new room.

    8. Mount your TV.

    It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but if you’ve still got your TV on a shelf, stand, or just sitting on the floor, then mounting it could make a world of difference space-wise. Best of all, it only takes an hour or so and a cheap mounting kit to get it done. 

    9. Rearrange your furniture.

    If you’ve had your furniture laid out in the same way for years on end, it might be time for a refresh. Move your bed to a different wall, swap your couch, chairs, and tables, or even move a piece or two from one room to the next. You’ll give each space a new look without having to invest a single additional dollar.

    10. Upgrade your fixtures.

    Give your bathroom or kitchen a facelift by just switching out the fixtures. Install new faucets, cabinet handles, and drawer pulls, or add in a showerhead, too.

    For extra impact, you can even pair these small changes with a quick paint update to your cabinets, too.

    11. Change your light fixtures.

    Get rid of those boring old chandeliers or builder-grade light fixtures you’ve got, and upgrade to something a little more luxurious.

    Pendant lights, track lighting, or even recessed lights under cabinets or in the kitchen are great ways to make an impact without investing a lot of time. 

    The bottom line

    Updating your home’s look doesn’t have to be a huge or expensive undertaking. Sometimes, just a few hours and a little creativity can go a long way. 

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