5 Digital Tools for Realtors that Sell Homes Faster

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If you’re a REALTOR®, you know the longer a property sits on the market, the more money and resources it costs—and the lower your profit margin drops.

Fortunately, with the help of a few handy tech tools and the competitive nature of today’s red-hot market, selling a home in 2018 can actually be quite easy.

Want to make sure your properties are attracting bids quickly and efficiently? These must-have tools can help.

Video Home Tours

According to Inman, video marketing and video tours offer realtors the biggest return on investment in the long-run. They make it easy to attract buyers who might be moving from afar, and they’re a great way to draw in those tech-savvy millennials who want an immersive online experience even before they step foot in the door. Create a video tour using a tool like Matterport, or consider hiring a professional photographer to film the tour on your behalf.

Online Showing Schedulers

Buyers don’t want to go through a million steps just to set up a showing. In fact, in today’s competitive market, they likely want to set up a tour, see the home and make a decision all on the same day. Tools like CurbCall, ShowingTime and Centralized Showing Service (CSS) can make this easy. Many even allow the seller to approve showings via text as soon as they come in.

Digital Floor Plans

Digital floor plans can tell a buyer a lot about a home before they ever set foot on the property. They can break down square footage, show where windows and doors are located, and help a buyer evaluate if a home will fit their needs, preferences and existing furniture/décor. Tools like Magic Plan, Floor Plan Visuals and TruPlace let you create digital plans easily and without any special training.

Digital Signing

Today’s buyers move fast, and many don’t have the time or ability to stop by and sign paperwork in person every time a new document pops up. Tools like DocuSign and HelloSign digitize the process, allowing buyers to sign paperwork, approve bids, and send off documents instantly using their phone, computer or tablet from anywhere in the world.

Virtual Staging

Selling a home that’s empty or one with sparse décor or furniture? Tools like Virtual Staging Solutions and the Ikea app can allow you to drop in eye-catching elements to make the space more attractive. No expensive stagers or interior designers necessary!

Want to sell your home or buy new real estate in 2018? Contact Embrace Home Loans today. We’re here to help.

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