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    When we think of Instagram we tend to think first of the Kardashians, Taylor Swift, or Gigi Hadid. Instagram, however, isn’t just the home of famous models and entertainers. You can find beautiful photography posted by both professionals and amateurs.

    Also, as of September 2017, there are 800 million active users on Instagram — with 80% of those folks here in the U.S. And, with 95% of all U.S. Instagram users also on Facebook, 54% on Pinterest, and 49% on Twitter, the opportunity for brand building and reaching new clients is unlimited.

    Still not sure about Instagram? These stats speak volumes

    • Of the 80% of users here in the U.S., 59% are under 30
    • 71% of businesses now use Instagram — that’s 8 million business profiles
    • 200 million+ users visit at least one business profile per day
    • 65% of top-performing Instagram posts feature products
    • 120 million+ Instagram users visited a website, got directions, called a business, emailed, or direct messaged a business as of March 2017
    • 30% have purchased a product they found on Instagram
    • 1/3 of the most viewed stories are generated by business

    *Stats from Instagram, and

    Instagram can be used to:

    • Market to new clients
    • Highlight products and services
    • Build brand awareness and loyalty
    • Share your company’s culture, values, news, and updates
    • Extend your reach in the community

    Your Instagram profile is your homepage. It is the only place where you’ll be able to offer a direct link to your website or to a campaign specific landing page. Make sure your description is concise and includes a brief bio, your logo, photo, and contact information. You can also include a hashtag with your bio and in your posts.

    What real estate agents can post on Instagram

    Instagram and real estate are a perfect match. The use of images with minimal text is ideal for featuring new properties. Here are some other things you can highlight on Instagram:

    • A layout listing of a new property with multiple images
    • A carousel of photos that feature the home and the surrounding property
    • New construction in progress and coming soon
    • Highlight local amenities such as restaurants, theaters, shopping, and museums
    • Highlight company sales and satisfaction statistics

    Instagram isn’t just photos, either…

    • A short video tour introducing your new listing
    • Introduce yourself in a series of short video promo posts
    • Feature brief client testimonials
    • Instructional or how-to videos
    • Promote an upcoming webinar or local presentation

    As with any social media application, building a list of followers takes time. Post regularly and be consistent in the look and feel of your posts. It’s most important that you’re sharing your personality and finding ways to stand out from the sea of other Realtors® in your area (and beyond).


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