Creating The Perfect Email Drip Campaign: 6 Tips For Real Estate Agents

Creating the Perfect Email Drip Campaign: 6 Tips for Real Estate Agents

Every real estate agent needs to have a stable of marketing strategies at their disposal — and an email drip campaign is one of them.

With that said, we have six tips for writing the perfect campaign. Armed with this knowledge, you should have everything you need to get started.

How to create an email drip campaign

1. Segment your list of leads.

Unfortunately, not every lead that comes into your inbox is going to be a good candidate for the same type of drip campaign. Rather than trying to craft a series of emails that’s all-encompassing, do your best to segment your leads into different categories. Then, over time, you can create a different drip campaign for each one.

For example, you could create the following groups:

  • New Lead – Buyer
  • New Lead – Seller
  • Past Client – Buyer
  • Past Client – Seller

2. Plan the email drip campaign out first.

Once you know what group you’re targeting, the first step in creating a great email drip campaign is to plan it out. Put simply, you need to go into this project having a clear plan of action in mind. Otherwise, it will be very hard to achieve your desired results.

With that in mind, first, you’ll want to come up with your ultimate goal for the campaign, whether it’s to have the buyers come to you for an initial agent meeting or to have sellers ask you to come to their home to perform a free CMA. Then, set a mini-goal for each individual email, such as helping your leads learn how to follow you on social media.

Alongside each goal, come up with a quick story from your personal or professional life that can correspond to that goal. This story will become the meat of the content behind each email.

3. Write your emails in one sitting.

When you’re ready to start actually creating the content for your email drip campaign, make sure to block off plenty of time in your schedule for the task. In this case, it’s best if you write all of your emails in one sitting.

While that may sound like it’s a lot of work to get done at one time, taking the initiative to do so will make a big difference for your end product. Whenever possible, it’s important that all of the emails in your campaign have the same voice and tone.

Writing all the emails at once will make it much easier to maintain that consistency.

4. Be personable.

Speaking of voice and tone, writing an email drip campaign is much different than writing an email or writing up an offer. In this case, rather than using a business-like tone, it’s better to use one that is light and friendly.

Writing an effective email drip campaign is often about storytelling. It’s a time to connect with your leads on a personal level by sharing snippets of your life and business practices with them. Don’t be afraid to include little details that will help humanize you to your potential clients.

5. Offer multiple ways to connect in your email drip campaign.

At the end of every email, you need a strong call to action. In marketing, a call to action is a statement that tells your audience about the next step that they should take in your sales funnel and exactly how to do it.

For example, a call to action could be something such as, “Call me to find out how much your home is worth.” Alternatively, it could be a statement such as, “Follow me on Facebook for my latest updates.”

Be sure to offer a range of CTA’s during the course of your email drip campaign. That way the various segments of your consumer base will have multiple options for how to connect with you.

6. Consider hiring it out.

Lastly, if writing your email drip campaign keeps getting sent to the bottom of your to-do list because you have too much going on or because you can’t seem to get your creative juices flowing, consider hiring the task out to a freelancer or content marketing company.

While hiring someone to do the job may be an additional expense, it may be well worth the cost of the final product if it leads to a multitude of client conversions. With that in mind, if you’re considering hiring a pro to do the job, you should do your best to hire someone who has plenty of experience creating that type of content.

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