3 Back-to-School Work-Life Balance Tips 

3 Back-to-School Work-Life Balance Tips 

School is back in session, and that means things are about to get a lot busier.

Do you have kiddos heading back to school? Want to make sure the change doesn’t hurt your work-life balance or leave you falling behind on your business? 

These Back-to-School Work-Life Balance Tips Can Help:

1. Schedule, schedule, schedule.

If you’re a parent, school comes with quite a few obligations. You may have pick-up and drop-off duties, PTO meetings, field trip chaperoning, extracurriculars, budget for new school supplies, and more, and all of these will impact your availability for clients and your business.

If you can, map out your school obligations for the full month ahead. Then, determine what hours you have available for work. 

You can even go further in and break those hours into task-based blocks. When will you work on your real estate marketing? When will you be available for listing presentations? What days/hours will you be available for calls or to return emails? Get these all worked out ahead of time and communicate them to your buyers. This maintains a strong work-life balance and ensures your clients set realistic expectations from the start.

2. Have a reliable routine.

Routines will keep you sane when things get busy. Ideally, you should have a routine for the morning (working out, eating breakfast, getting you/the kids ready and out the door), a routine for marketing efforts/new listings/other business segments, and a routine for closing out your day and week. 

Having these systems in place will ensure nothing falls through the cracks and that you operate efficiently and effectively without sacrificing valuable personal time. Building positive habits are

3. Ask for help

You don’t have to do it all alone. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or work is creeping into home life too often, bring in some help. A virtual assistant, for example, can take some of the load off and help you with marketing, listing, scheduling, and other admin tasks. 

You can also look into partnering with another agent. Then, you can rotate who works weekends, showings, and other more time-consuming parts of the job.

Get more work-life balance help

Need more help managing your work-life balance? Try these tips or use this mindfulness guide to get started. These time management strategies can also help.

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