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    Real estate is a challenging profession — one that takes hard work, discipline, organization, and dedication. One wrong move, misstep, or slip can result in negative outcomes such as missed sales or other opportunities.

    The outcome of your day is directly related to how well you start it. The most successful real estate agents create a daily routine that works for them, one they’ve refined and fine-tuned over the years.

    For most of these agents, that starts with morning rituals, routines, and schedules that help set the stage for the rest of the day. Morning routines help create direction for the day and a regimen that keeps you on track. This is one way you can consistently outperform your competition.

    A morning routine helps you be more productive and keeps your energy high throughout the day. It gives you a checklist of things you need to get done so you don’t stray too far off the path you have paved for yourself.

    To be successful in real estate, you should consider creating morning rituals of your own that set you up to do well throughout the day.

    Here are five morning habits that successful real estate agents follow every day.

    1. Plan your day the night before

    OK. So, technically, this isn’t a morning habit, but it’s one that will certainly help you start your morning off right.

    One thing a lot of successful real estate agents will do is set their daily schedule up the night before. At the end of each day, you can see which items from the day you weren’t able to get to and combine them with items you know you need to complete the next day. Then, once you have this set of tasks, you can prioritize your to-do list for the next day.

    Organizing your to-do list the night before has three major advantages:

    • It’s easier to remember what you didn’t accomplish today, and what you need to accomplish tomorrow when you are completing your workday at the end of the day.
    • It allows you to prioritize tasks for yourself so you know what you need to do when you wake up the next morning. Plus, it allows you to delegate tasks you know you won’t be able to handle.
    • It helps you sleep better at night since you won’t be thinking about what you need to accomplish the next day.

    A good nightly routine will help set you up for a solid morning routine.

    2. Start your day early

    Some of the most successful business people rise early in the morning. Apple CEO Tim Cook, for example, is known to start his day at 3:45 a.m., while Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey gets up at 5 a.m.

    That may be a little early for you, but the point here is successful and motivated business people start their mornings earlier than most. Studies have shown that waking up earlier in the morning results in better problem-solving skills, memory, and concentration. Those who rise earlier are also more likely to stick to their morning routine.

    Waking up early allows you to ease into your workday without the interruptions that can come with being a wife/husband/partner/parent. If you plan your day the night before as well, waking up early allows you to begin your day with email communications that will arrive in other people’s inboxes first thing, which will show them how motivated you are.

    To wake up early and function properly, though, you’ll have to make sure you are going to bed early, too. You can’t be a night owl and expect to get enough sleep to be an early riser.

    3. Fuel your body

    Another benefit of starting your day early is it gives you the opportunity to concentrate on personal items before tackling professional ones. This includes fueling your body properly by exercising and eating a healthy breakfast.

    If you expect to remain productive and motivated throughout the day as a real estate agent, you’re going to need to maintain a healthy routine. That starts with an exercise regimen in the morning.

    But don’t fret; you don’t have to engage in a rigorous workout with a personal trainer. A 20-minute walk, jog, or light run around the neighborhood or on an in-home treadmill will work just fine. Exercising in the morning is a great way to instantly reduce any anxiety or stress you may be having, giving you increased energy and focus for the day ahead.

    Once you exercise, the next step is to eat a healthy breakfast. Doing so will both replace the essential fluids you lost while exercising and provide you the proper fuel for the rest of the day. Eat a breakfast packed with protein, vitamins, minerals and grains if possible, and avoid processed sugars.

    Finally, don’t forget to hydrate. Drinking lots of water (and not just coffee) will keep your mind sharp and fresh.

    4. Begin your communications at home

    Before heading into the office or the field, most successful real estate agents will communicate with their team and current and prospective clients at home. Doing so early in the morning will cut down on the waiting time of any pending deal and also keep open the possibility that you could handle an urgent task that may pop up during the day.

    Some of your clients may have texted or emailed you late at night. By responding to them from your home early in the morning, for example, you will give them ample time to make any decisions that could affect how your day goes. This could include scheduling a private showing, or making an offer on a home, once your client has received a mortgage pre-qualification.

    Cleaning out your inbox from your home will also allow you to clear your schedule as you embark on completing those items on your to-do list you created last night. This is especially important, as you may have meetings, phone calls, and listing appointments in the morning that will prevent you from communicating until the afternoon.

    5. Don’t be all business

    One final morning habit of successful real estate agents is they make sure their mornings aren’t filled with nothing but work. In addition to exercise and eating right, they integrate a personal mindful activity into their morning routine.

    Some people like to meditate or do yoga. Others like to read the newspaper or a good book. Others like to watch the morning news or some other program on TV.

    This can also include spending time with your family. A morning routine that includes breakfast with your significant other and kids (if you have them) will keep your personal relationships on solid ground.

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