Back to School: Prep Your Home for a Successful Year

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Summer is coming to a close, and it’s time to start thinking about back to school and the upcoming year.

Though buying school supplies and getting those first-day-of-school duds should certainly be on the agenda, you may want to add one more to-do to make your back to school transition a success.

That’d be prepping your home.

An organized, well-prepared home can make mornings easier, homework time more productive, and keep your family’s health and happiness a priority. 

Back to school home organization ideas

  • The Kitchen: Aim for ease, convenience, and accessibility. Put all the lunch-packing supplies on one shelf, and all after-school snacks on another. Make sure the to-go coffee cups are near the coffee maker. Dedicate an area of the fridge to each family member. It will make mornings more efficient and leave less room for error.
  • The Entryway or Foyer: Take time to optimize your home’s main entry point. Designate areas for shoes, keys, backpacks, purses and other must-haves, or give each family member their own drawer or shelf. The last thing you want is a lost bag and jackets making the kiddos miss the bus.
  • The Bathrooms: If the kids share a bathroom, consider giving each one a shower caddy, and load it up with all their personal bath goodies. Utilize cabinets, drawers, and even hanging storage containers to keep hair accessories, makeup, skin care items, and toothbrushes separate and organized. If you need to, add an egg timer on a shelf, and give each child a time limit in the morning. This will keep things moving and on schedule once the back-to-school craziness ensues.
  • The Kids’ Rooms: First off, designate a study area of each kids’ rooms — somewhere they go to do their homework, read, or use their computers. Clear it of any clutter or distractions that could draw their focus. Make sure they have chargers and a good, supportive chair. You’ll also want to tackle the closets and get rid of any old/no longer used clothing. You can then organize the remaining items by season, style, or color.

Getting your home organized and in order for back to school season might take some time. It will, however, save you hours of frustration, hassle, and fights once the school year rolls around. Need cash to add a mudroom or up your organization game in the house? Contact Embrace Home Loans to learn how we can help.

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