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    An open house can be a great way to generate leads and expand your network. But they also come with risks — especially if you’re running the event solo or into the later hours of the day.

    Fortunately, there are some precautions you can take to keep yourself safe while on the job.

    Are You Running an Open House? Here are Seven Ways to Stay Safe:

    1. Bring your phone charger.

    You don’t want a dead battery if an emergency comes up. Keep your phone charged up and as close to you as possible at all times.

    2. Identify all exit points early on.

    Before your open house starts, get to know the layout of the property. Identify all the possible exits, and make sure to unlock all deadbolt and chain locks for an easier escape.

    3. Have an on-call person.

    If there’s not a colleague who can co-host with you, make sure you have a friend or family member on call while you’re there. They should have the address of the property and be available to take your call throughout the day should an emergency arise.

    4. Have all visitors sign in. 

    They should provide their name, phone number, physical address, and email address as soon as they enter the open house. This holds them accountable should they cause trouble or threaten you.

    5. Ask visitors to lead the way.

    Have your visitors make their way through the house while you follow. You don’t want to get cornered into a space with no exit — like a basement or closet, for example.

    6. Keep notes.

    If someone acts suspicious, write a note on your phone and let your on-call person know. Make sure to include a description of them, the name they wrote down on the sign-in sheet, and the time they arrived.

    7. Don’t let your guard down.

    Just because it’s a woman or family with kids doesn’t mean they can’t pose a danger. Always keep your guard up, have your phone on you, and know the easiest escape route from everywhere in the house.

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