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    In this digital age of Instagram, Facebook, Zillow, and other various marketing sites, Realtors mustn’t forget the value of a traditional open house. Open houses sell homes. By exposing a buyer to a home and getting them inside, the chances of selling a home increase substantially.

    Outside of the obvious benefits, a Realtor also has the chance to show off their expertise and build a genuine relationship with a potential client. If a sale isn’t generated, an open house can be optimized for great social media content and provide additional visibility.

    We met with Newport, RI Realtor, Lauren Mailloux, to discuss how to throw an open house like a pro. Her tips and tricks divulge what small alterations and adjustments can make or break a sale.



    Open House Tips for Agents

    Deep Clean the Space

    A future homeowner does not want to see dust or residue! Clean all surfaces and show the space at its best.


    Real Estate Open House Tips

    Feng Shui Adjustments

    It’s all in the details! Removing personal photos of the current owners may seem minor, however, it allows a potential buyer to imagine the property as their own and not feel like they’re a guest in someone else’s house. Being mindful of the placement and angle of artwork, candles, and other miscellaneous decor is also imperative. Positive feng shui can go a long way!


    Bathroom Open House Tips

    Open House Bathroom Tips

    The bathroom may be a small portion of a home, but it’s still one of the most important rooms. Make the potential buyer feel like they are at a spa! Adding a nice candle, decorative soap, and fresh towels can make all the difference in the world. Oh, and the toilet seat? Always down!


    Staging Tips for Open House

    Fluff and Fold

    You want your client to feel like they are at a five-star hotel. Take all measures to give them that vibe! Make the bed, fluff the pillows, and drape all throws in every room that applies.


    Lighting Tips for Open House

    Adjust the Lighting

    Lighting is much like a filter for a home. It allows you to display a room in a more inviting manner. Utilize all lamps and overhead lighting to show a space in its finest!


    Open House Tips for Sellers

    Bring Flowers to the Open House

    Bring the outdoors in!  There is something about flowers/greenery in a home that automatically provides all the good feels — not to mention, smells!

    Special thanks to Lauren Mailloux and the team at Libby Kirwin Real Estate.

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