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    First impressions are everything, and for a potential buyer? A home showing is just that.

    Showings offer buyers a chance to see a property, evaluate its condition, and envision themselves and their loved ones on the property.

    Will it meet their needs?

    Will it require lots of work, repairs, or upkeep?

    Is it worth the price the seller is asking?

    Buyers will ask themselves hundreds of questions as they peruse the halls of your listing. The answers they find will determine what they’ll bid—or whether they’ll even bid at all.

    Want to give your sellers the best shot at a fast, lucrative sale? Here are a few tips you should share with your clients to help them prep for a successful home showing:

    • Declutter and purge – Take the time to declutter closets and cabinets now, and donate anything unwanted want to a local shelter or Goodwill facility. If there are items they want to keep, but don’t need immediately, box them and put them away (in the garage or attic) until they’re ready to move to their new place. Do the same for walls, shelves and floors, moving artwork, pictures, and even furniture that isn’t needed for the time being. The fewer items crammed into a home, the larger it will look to potential buyers.
    • Invest in some hideaway boxes – Head to the dollar store and buy a few large Tupperware containers, crates, or canvas boxes. Put one in the closet of every room in the house, and any time a home showing is scheduled, use the containers to store anything that’s on the floor, on the shelves or cluttering the space. This keeps the room looking clean and organized, while minimizing the work for you and the sellers.
    • Up your curb appeal – You want buyers interested from the second they set foot on the property, so time should be spent sprucing up the front yard and entryway. Install a new mailbox, upgrade the front door or address numbers, put some flowers on the stoop, or just repaint the shutters. Most of all, make sure the lawn is trimmed and neat—especially around the driveway and walkways. Enlist a professional lawn care company if you need to!
    • Arrange for Fido – Many people are allergic to pets, so make sure they’re kept off-site while a home is being shown. If your sellers can’t find a friend or family member to watch the animals, keep them kenneled in the garage or backyard during home showings.

    A little preparation can go a long way toward ensuring a home is walk-through ready. Need more advice on helping your clients with mortgages? Get in touch with Embrace Home Loans today.

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