How Real Estate Agents Can Generate Quality Leads from Instagram

How Instagram Can Generate Quality Leads for Real Estate Agents

There are few industries as perfectly suited to Instagram as real estate.

Photos of killer interior design ideas and luxury decor? Yes, please. Pictures of amazing architecture and high-tech amenities? You bet. 

These are all visuals that aren’t just attractive — they’re downright universal, and they’re a great way to drum up leads, convert new customers, and keep your old ones in the fold.

Want to capitalize on this potential and use Instagram to boost your leads as an agent? Here’s how:

1. Create a business profile.

You’ll want to have a designated business profile before getting started. Not only does this help you separate your personal life from the account, but it also gives you access to key insights and metrics data that can help you hone your strategy.

When creating your account, make sure to pick a memorable and easy username that speaks to your business. If you can include your name and your community in the handle, that’s even better.

2. Use your bio wisely.

You only have so much space in your bio area, so use it wisely. Include the communities you cover, your website address, and any specialty skills you might have. If there’s anything that sets you apart from the pack (commission refunds? Luxury knowledge? 30 years’ experience?) make sure to include that in your bio, too.

You should also post a professional yet welcoming photo. (Our tips on how to get a great headshot can help here!)

3. Know who your ideal lead is.

Who do you want to reach with your Instagram efforts? Young, first-time buyers? Experienced luxury buyers? The retired condo market? Once you determine that, dig down deep into their likes and dislikes. What are they interested in? Wellness? Interior design? Activities for their kids or family? Build a profile of your ideal lead and come up with a handful of content categories they’d find appealing. Use this to drive your posting strategy.

4.Use smart hashtags.

Hashtags can help users find your content even if they don’t follow you. Use key ones like #realtor, #realestateagent or #YOURCITYrealestate, or get more specific with ones like #luxuryliving #beachfront #victorian or #starterhome. Add them as a comment so they don’t make your captions too long or spammy-looking.

5. Have a regular posting schedule.

To really see results from your Instagram, you’ll need to commit to posting regularly — at least 3-5 times per week. This keeps your existing followers engaged, while also giving you plenty of fodder to attract new ones. It can help to sit down at the beginning of each week and map out your posts — especially if you’ll need to take or gather photos beforehand.

6. Leverage your listing photos.

It’s fine to use your own iPhone photos once in a while, but if you’re already paying a pro photographer for your listing pictures, make sure to use those too. The more appealing and attractive your photos are, the more engagement you’ll get on them.

7. Use your highlights to inform and convert.

The highlights area on your profile can be a great place to answer common FAQ, give buying tips and tricks, or talk about the market or more general home buying or selling concerns. It can serve as a permanent resource for potential clients who visit your profile, while also helping establish you as an expert in your field. You can also link these to specific URLs, which can help with lead capturing and conversion.

8. Monitor your comments and be responsive.

If someone comments or sends you a message, make sure to respond — and promptly. Any reach-out is a potential lead, so don’t let an opportunity pass you by. Answer their questions, address their concern or just thank them for their comment. Show them you care about your clients and their feedback by being responsive, timely and friendly.

9. Try out paid advertising.

Finally, you can also try paid advertising on Instagram. Get super detailed with your targeting, and choose the exact demographic details and geographic location of your audience. You can even target by interests or homeownership status (a great idea if you’re targeting first-timers.)

If you’re looking to show off a specific listing, a carousel ad can be a great way to highlight your best listing photos, while a video ad can include the whole digital tour. There are also static ads and slideshow ads, depending on what you’re going for.

A nice bonus? Instagram and Facebook’s advertising platforms work together, so if you advertise on one, you can easily use that campaign on the other with just a few clicks. That’s double the exposure!

10. Even More Ways to Get Leads

Building your professional network is another great way to get more leads. Want to add a great mortgage lender to your network? Then connect with us today. Our loan officers can be the partner you need.

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