Selling Your House Soon? 10 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Value

Selling Your House Soon? 10 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Value

If you’re thinking of selling your house, there’s good news: the housing market’s still pretty hot.

Still, that doesn’t mean your sale’s a given — or that you’ll get top-dollar for the house.

Are you considering selling your house in the near future? Here are 10 small updates you can make to increase your home’s value (and its marketability) before listing it

1. Give it a new coat of paint.

A fresh coat of paint can really rewind the clock on a house. Not only can it cover up dirt, scuffs, and signs of use, but it can also help the home photograph better, too. Best of all, it’s a pretty quick fix. All you need are a few buckets of paint, some rollers, and a free weekend.

Make sure to pay close attention to the baseboards and molding. Refreshing the paint on these can offer a nice facelift as well.

2. Power wash the exterior.

A new coat of paint works in the interior, but to refresh your home’s outside, you’ll want to add some power washing to the mix, too. This quick and easy task can clean up brick, wood, cement, and most kinds of siding, and it’s great to use on your patio, driveway, and sidewalks also. You can either rent a power washing machine and do it yourself or call in a pro. Professional services usually cost a few hundred dollars (sometimes more, if your house is particularly large.) 

3. Update the landscaping.

Curb appeal is everything when you’re selling your house. It increases buyer interest and helps you get more for your home, too. One great way to improve your curb appeal? That’d be updating or adding new landscaping. This might mean planting new flowers or bushes, re-mulching, or adding pavers or stones around your gardens.

If you can make the landscaping low-maintenance, that’s even better. Buyers love something that looks great but requires little upkeep.

4. Replace the roof.

If your roof’s getting up there in age, replacing it could add serious value to your home. In many cases, your insurance may even pay for the replacement. Was there a recent hail storm that damaged some shingles? Is there a small leak somewhere? See what your insurance policy covers and if they’ll repair or replace it.

5. Install a smart thermostat.

Smart thermostats like the Nest and Ecobee come with two-fold benefits: They’re convenient and they cut down on your energy bills. Both of these are huge perks for buyers these days — especially when they’re facing incredibly high home prices. (Knowing they’re going to save cash on their electricity in your house may just put your house over the others in the neighborhood).

6. Swap out the hardware.

Can’t afford a full kitchen or bathroom remodel? Change out the hardware instead. Add in new doorknobs, cabinet pulls, drawer handles, towel hooks, and more, and you’ll be shocked at the difference it can make — especially if you opt for a new finish or unique style. 

7. Tear out the carpet.

Carpet isn’t en vogue anymore, and in many cases, it can actually hurt when selling your house. Tile and wood laminate are your best options, and they typically won’t break the bank either. Another nice perk? These materials are much easier to clean than carpet — a huge draw for homebuyers. 

8. Add more storage.

Storage is always at a premium — no matter how big a house is. So if you can find ways to add more stow-away spots in your home? That’s a definite win with buyers. This might mean adding additional shelves in the pantry, putting cabinets above the washer-dryer, installing pot racks in your kitchen cabinets, or even adding a closet organization system. There are lots of options — all of which will add convenience and value for a buyer.

9. Build a patio or deck

Decks and patios increase the usable space of a home. They offer a place to entertain, play, relax, and everything in between. They’re also one of the best home improvement projects you can take on, value-wise. According to Remodeling magazine, wood decks add about $11,000 to a home’s resale value. 

10. Reface your kitchen cabinets

You don’t have to fully replace your cabinets to give your kitchen a new look. Refacing them is a good option as well. This essentially just gives your cabinets a new front, without requiring a full replacement of the structure or shelving. It’s faster and a much more affordable project, too.

Selling your house?

If you’re considering selling your house, take some time to update the property and make repairs first. Not only could it help sell your home faster, but it might increase its dollar value, too. 

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