8 Clever Ways to Add Storage — Even in Small Spaces

Kitchen with lots of storage

There’s nothing worse than having too little storage space. Not only does it mean messy, cramped, and cluttered living quarters, but it also may force you to purge some items you weren’t quite ready to part with.

Fortunately, storage space isn’t hard to hack — even in the smallest of spaces.

Are you struggling with a lack of storage in your house? Just want to make some room or better organize your belongings? Try these handy storage hacks on for size:

1. Choose your furniture carefully.

There are tons of furnishings that come with built-in storage space that can maximize your real estate and minimize your clutter. In the bedroom, you can choose flip-top beds with hidden storage underneath, or opt for a storage-centric bed frame. These often come with shelving in the headboard area, as well as drawers under and around the mattress.

In living areas, try storage ottomans, coffee tables with built-in shelves and organizers, storage benches and more can be good options. Cabinet racks, shelves, and slide-out drawers can help you maximize space in the kitchen.

2. Think off the ground.

Storage areas don’t have to be grounded. You can easily add more storage space by working upward from the ground, hanging shelves on walls, installing cabinets in empty spaces (like above your washer/drawer or over a toilet) and affixing things like coat racks, hooks, and more in your hallways. The best part? Because they don’t take up floor space, these options add storage without making your place feel cluttered or cramped.

3. Use the backs of doors.

Think of every door as an opportunity to expand your storage horizons. There are all sorts of over-the-door racks, organizers, hooks, and more that add easily accessible storage space without breaking the bank. Use them for small things like shoes, spices, or jewelry or just for hanging up coats, robes, or even towels. You can also use simple Command hooks to hang things like linen hampers or laundry bags you don’t want cramping your floor space.

4. Utilize corners.

Floating shelves can be great ways to utilize space in oft-forgotten corners. Use them for books in the study, baking supplies in the kitchen, or your alarm clock and jewelry tray in the bedroom. You can even add them into nooks and crannies in closets to add space for shoes and accessories.

5. Leverage space under cabinets and over counters.

This one specifically applies to the kitchen. Instead of stuffing all your items into drawers in cabinets, use the wide open spaces around you to store things as well. Wine glasses, for example, can easily be hung on an under-cabinet rack that hangs over your countertop. You can also do the same with coffee cups, tea mugs, and anything else with a stem or handle.

And for pots and pans? Hang a pot rack from the ceiling over your island or butcher block, and make cookware super accessible. If you don’t have little kids in the house, you can even install a magnetic knife bar to keep your knives and cooking tools along your backsplash.

6. Don’t waste small or narrow spaces.

Those three inches between the washer and the dryer might seem useless, but that’s prime real estate right there — at least when it comes to storage. Leverage these random narrow spaces (like those around the toilet or between other appliances in your home) to add small shelving units, vertical cabinets, or even just extra hooks or hangers. Even the smallest space can help you better organize something!

7. Look outside, too.

There are plenty of ways to add storage outside your home, too. Though adding a supplementary storage structure like a shed can certainly help, upping your storage potential doesn’t have to be so large-scale. You can also utilize storage benches and patio furniture, leverage shelving on your grill, or in window boxes, or even add storage shelves under decks, ramps or stairs.

If you have a garage, overhead racks are a great way to add storage space without crowding your cars, while hanging pegboards can help you keep tools and hardware items organized and off the ground.

8. Use counter and tabletop space wisely.

You only have so much storage space, so divvy it out wisely. Have your Keurig out on your countertop? Put a K-cup storage drawer underneath it to keep your pantry overflow at a minimum. Do you stow your KitchenAid mixer on the counter, too? Add a hook or clip to the wall to keep plugs from eating even further into your space. Do what you can to minimize an item’s footprint and maximize the free space you have to utilize.

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