In-Demand Features Home Buyers Say Make a Property More Desirable

In-Demand Home Features Buyers Say Make a Property More Desirable

The last year has sparked a renewed interest in smart home technology and it tops the list of the most in-demand home features. Not only does it make life easier for the millions of Americans now working remotely, but it also increases home security, reduces energy costs, and lessens a consumers’ impact on the overall environment and climate at large.

Want to help your sellers capitalize on this trend and make more on their home sale?

Here are the in-demand home features sellers might want to install before putting their homes on the market

1. A high-tech security system.

Smart security systems — ones that connect to a mobile app and alert homeowners of potential threats to the property — are a popular preference with today’s buyers.

According to recent data from, they’re especially important to parents and older adults (55 and up). 

2. A smart doorbell (with camera)

A whopping 41% of Americans have purchased a smart device since the COVID-19 outbreak began, and video-enabled doorbells? Those were the No. 3 most common choice.

Ring and Google Nest are just two popular versions of these devices, though many security companies offer proprietary ones as well.

3. Solar panel roof tiles are in-demand home features

According to’s data, consumers would be willing to pay more for a house if it had solar panel roof tiles. These both cut down on a home’s environmental footprint and reduce overall energy costs for the homeowner.

4. A home battery pack to store solar energy energy

Consumers are also interested in using their solar energy more efficiently. Home battery packs — which store up the excess energy created in the sunniest parts of the day — are one way of doing this.

Many consumers, especially those aged 35 to 54, say they’d pay more for a house with the panel-battery combo, making it one of the most in-demand home features.

5. A home theater room

Home theater systems are another one of the most in-demand features this year, particularly with consumers between 18 and 34 and men. Younger consumers are also more likely to pay a premium for homes with these features. 

The bottom line about current in-demand home features

More and more, consumers are looking for tech-enabled properties that cut down on energy use, save money, or make their lives more secure and convenient. If you’re looking to increase a listing’s marketability, consider adding one of the above devices before putting it on the market.

It could even mean a higher sales price — and a bigger commission. 

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