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    Technology is always evolving — and that’s certainly true in the smart home space. 

    In-home tech is constantly advancing, allowing for more convenience, more savings and, most importantly, more security

    Are you looking to outfit your home with the latest, greatest advances in home technology? Here are the eight options that should be on your radar. 

    1. Smart locks

    Forgot your key? Kid locked out? Need to let your babysitter, cleaner, or mother-in-law in for some reason? Smart locks can help. Some connect to a mobile device, allowing you to control access to your home from virtually anywhere, while others use keypads and access codes to streamline the process. On some, you can even use Alexa and Siri to control the lock.

    These are also a good option if you’re listing your property (or part of it) on Airbnb or some other short-term rental platform, as they allow you to change key codes and access pins easily and via your phone.

    2. Water leak sensors

    Never risk a plumbing leak again with these high-tech sensors. Place them on your pipes and at key plumbing points throughout your home, and get mobile alerts anytime even the slightest leak or problem is detected. With some sensor systems, you can even use the associated app to monitor your home’s water usage and keep that utility spending on track.

    3. Smart plugs

    Make virtually any device or appliance a “smart” one with the handy, dandy smart plug. Just plug the item in, and the plug lets you control power to the device using only your voice or phone. You can also monitor power usage across your smart plugs. 

    There are also smart power strips, which take the idea even further. Plug in multiple devices at once, and use your voice, phone, or smart assistant to control connected devices. You can even enable “If This, Then That” commands, which trigger actions based on certain circumstances and schedules. 

    4. Learning thermostats

    Do you want to reduce your energy uses (and monthly electric bill)? Just want the house comfortable when you get home from work or back from vacation? Learning thermostats can help you do it. These let you set custom temperature schedules and control your home’s temperature from afar. They even “learn” your habits and preferences, too, allowing you to reduce energy even more. 

    A nice perk? Some electric providers even offer rebates to homeowners who install these devices. This can help offset the cost to install them in the first place.

    5. Smart lights

    Smart light bulbs are a great option if you want to both reduce your energy output and better control your home remotely. Use your phone to turn on the porch lights if you know you’re going to be late, or double-check that your kiddo turned off the kitchen lights before heading off to school. On some models, you can even dim the bulbs or change their color from a mobile app.

    6. Smart outdoor assistants

    Tech isn’t just for the inside of your home. There are also smart sprinkler systems, smart and robotic lawnmowers, and even smart pool cleaners if you’re lucky enough to have a pool in the backyard. Whatever you’re looking to streamline in your yard or outside your home, there’s likely a tech solution that can help.

    7. Smart beds

    Need a better night of sleep? Just want to optimize your sleep conditions? A smart bed may be able to help you get there. These high-tech mattresses let you adjust your bed’s position, height, and other elements to maximize comfort. In some cases, the bed can even track your sleep patterns and let you know how well you’re resting each night (similar to a Fitbit or other tracker device). 

    8. Smart cookware and appliances

    Ever wanted to start dinner while still at work? What about run the dishwasher or fire up the grill? Tons of appliances and cookware devices are now WiFi- or app-enabled, allowing you to control and even operate them from afar using only your mobile phone. Just make sure to exercise caution here (we all know what happened with that crockpot on “This is Us.”)

    There are also appliances that are voice-enabled. Smart microwaves, for example, can be controlled with simple Alexa voice commands. There are coffee makers and toasters that act similarly, too. 

    Ready to upgrade your home tech?

    The right home technology can make life easier, more convenient and, in many cases, even more affordable. If you want to reap these benefits and update your home’s technological capabilities, a cash-out refinance may be able to help you pay for it. Get in touch with the Embrace Home Loans team today to learn about your financial options.

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