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    The holidays are a great time to change up your marketing game and get a little more creative.

    They also give you a chance to give back to your community and show off what living in your area is really all about.

    Want to get on board? Try these four holiday marketing strategies on for size.

    1. Take part in a holiday market.

    Many communities, schools, churches, and other organizations put together holiday markets and festivals this time of year, so see if you can get your name on the docket. You could set up a tent and hand out hot chocolate, volunteer to take tickets, or take on some other role.

    If you do participate, make sure to wear a shirt with your brokerage on it or hand out branded marketing swag, like pens or wrapped peppermints. Longer-lasting items, like a magnet calendar for the new year, are even better.

    2. Send out holiday cards.

    Mail out cards or postcards to the neighborhoods you service. You can include a blurb on how much your recent listings have sold for, along with something they’ll find value in — like a magnet calendar (mentioned above) or maybe a coupon for a local business or service provider. 

    3. Create a community calendar.

    Round up all your community’s holiday events, hop on, and put together a comprehensive calendar of all that’s going on in the next month or so. Share on your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts, and print out extras to have out at open houses or when meeting new clients.

    This is a great way to show how tuned in you are to your community, as well as all the great activities the area has to offer new residents.

    4. Run a holiday drive.

    This one’s not marketing your business per se, but it does get you out in the community and gain you visibility.

    To start, request donations to give to a local charity, food bank, shelter, or children’s hospital. You can post about it on your social media, asking for drop-offs at the office throughout the month. If you have the time, doing pick-ups can help drive more participation, too.

    When you meet donors, be sure to hand them one of your community calendars and some branded marketing swag to remember you by. You should also post a photo to your social media once you deliver the donation haul, making sure to take the charity or shelter that’s benefitting.

    Need more marketing ideas?

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