5 Genius Real Estate Marketing and Advertising Ideas for Summer

5 Genius Real Estate Marketing and Advertising Ideas for Summer

Summer’s a great time to ramp up your real estate marketing efforts. 

After all, it’s the busiest time of year for housing. It’s when the weather starts warming up, the days get longer, and conditions become ripe for packing up, moving out, and buying that brand new dream home — before the new school year rolls around.

Not sure how to improve your summer outreach efforts?

Real estate marketing strategies to get you started: 

1. Turn your next open house into a BBQ.

What says summer more than a good barbecue? Most people would say very little.

So, next time you have an open house, embrace that summer BBQ vibe. Grill up burgers and hot dogs in the backyard, have corn on the cob and watermelon skewers on the counter, and be sure to have plenty of lemonade on hand for your thirsty buyers and agents.

You can bet they’ll remember the experience.

2. Take advantage of summer holidays.

The summer is rife with days to celebrate. There’s Memorial Day, Labor Day, and, of course, the 4th of July — all days full of communitywide events and celebrations.

Pay attention to what’s planned for the communities you serve, and make it a point to get involved. Can you sponsor a fireworks show? Set up a booth at the Labor Day market? Participate in a neighborhood parade?

These can all be great real estate marketing opportunities.

3. Sponsor local swim teams.

Swim teams are pretty active in the summer, and their meets are long — like hours and hours long.

They’re the perfect opportunity to expose your business to hundreds and hundreds of families week after week (even some from other surrounding areas who might be considering moving!)

The exact sponsorship opportunities will vary, but getting your name on swim caps, on team water bottles, or on a sign along the pool fence are all great options. 

Make summer the focus of your lead nurturing and generation efforts.

Put together newsletters about summer home maintenance, tips for summer homebuying, and recipes to help your clients beat the heat.

You can do this on social media and in mailers/postcards too.

5. Change up your freebies.

Summer’s a good time to change up your giveaways if you haven’t in a while.

You can brand water bottles for buyers who get thirsty during hours of showings, or put your name on fans, sunscreen bottles, and the like for your vendor partners.

These are all items they’re sure to use as the weather heats up.

Need more real estate marketing ideas?

Check out our real estate agent resources.

You can also put these books on your summer to-do list or reach out to an Embrace Home Loans office in your area for more information about how we can help your clients.

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