9 Ways Realtors Who Write Can Grow Their Business

Real Estate Marketing Tip

For Realtors® who are comfortable with the written word, there are a number of ways to leverage your talent to reach potential clients and referral partners. Your writing should be simple, direct, and tuned in to the particular audience you’re trying to reach. Connecting with your audience requires writing of a consistent quality. It’s also important you publish on a regular basis.

Here are just some of the ways to promote your brand and get your message out:

  1. Blog – If you enjoy writing, chances are you’re already doing this. If not there’s plenty of easy-to-use software out there to get you started. Maintaining a blog doesn’t mean you need to post daily (although you can if you want to)—just be consistent. Also make sure whenever you post that you include a link on your website and on social media.
  2. Guest post – Generally people who like to write also like to read. What are you favorite blogs or websites? Why not offer to write a post for your favorite real estate or financial blog? This is a way to reach a wider audience and build your reputation and brand in the market.
  3. Buyers and sellers guide – Take advantage of your experience and create guides to home buying and selling. Make your guides available on your website as a download in exchange for contact information. Attach them as a PDFs to emails you send to potential clients and have copies on-hand at open houses. Be sure your headshot and full contact info are on both.
  4. Comment – Some of the most useful information is found in the comment section of blog posts. Knowledgable comments can help you establish a relationship with the real estate commentators you enjoy reading.
  5. Newsletter – It may seem “old fashioned,” but a quarterly newsletter updating your client base on new listings, recent sale, and market trends is a great way to reach your target audience. Hand out copies at open house gatherings and email them as PDF’s to both clients and professional colleagues.
  6. Mailer – If you’re good at desktop publishing, why not create a mailer? Take the best of your writing, along with current listings, and create a yearly mailing. Send it out at the beginning of the spring selling season for best results.
  7. LinkedIn – Posting a short article on LinkedIn is another way to reach those potential referral partners and network contacts. If you don’t have an article to publish, use LinkedIn to highlight timely posts by others that you find compelling. Write an introductory paragraph describing why you found the article informative and include a link to it.
  8. Local media – Writing for the local paper as a subject matter expert on a regular basis can help build name recognition in the community. Weigh in on timely topics or clarify the details of a new proposal by the town planning committee. If you can’t get a column, send a letter to the editor. Letters to the editor are among the most well-read sections in the paper.
  9. Curate – Curated content makes for great social media posts and is good for when you’re just to busy to write. Provide a brief introduction and include a link.

If writing has never been your forte, don’t worry! Check around your office and see if anyone has a way with written words. If there’s no one on staff, consider hiring a freelance writer or two who can jump in and write various pieces whenever you need them.

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