9 Socially Distanced Spring Break Ideas

10 Socially Distanced Spring Break Ideas

The pandemic may still be raging on, but that doesn’t mean spring break has to be a bust (again). 

With a little creativity, there are still plenty of spring break ideas and ways to enjoy a much-needed vacation without too much risk of infection.

Hoping to plan a family vacation this spring? Here are 9 socially distanced spring break ideas you might want to try

1. Rent a house on the beach (or just an Airbnb with a pool).

A beach house can be a great way to have some fun in the sun without a whole lot of added exposure. Pack umbrellas and chairs, and spend your days out by the water, or you could even bring surfboards, boogie boards, and other fun activities to partake in.

At night, head back to the house to make a home-cooked meal or, better yet, order in. Most popular beach towns will have plenty of restaurants offering curbside takeout or delivery services.

If a beach house isn’t possible in your area, think about getting an Airbnb with a pool or hot tub. It’s not the same as a beach, of course, but it will give your family that fun in the sun you’ve been yearning for.

2. Go camping.

When it comes to spring break ideas, you can’t get much more distanced than a tent in the woods.

Invest in a family-size tent (or several — one for the parents, one for the kids) and load up the car with food, sleeping bags, and other supplies. You can even bring fishing poles to catch your own meals (as long are you’re near water, of course).

If you’re not well-versed in the ways of the outdoors, you could look into glamping. Lots of states have glamping sites, or you can even look to Airbnb and other platforms for options.

3. Tour the state parks.

State parks can offer entertainment for the whole family. You can hike, bike, swim, or walk the dog, and there are often great campsites there as well.

A good option is to do a multi-state tour of parks. Pick two or three states within driving distance, and make a week of it. 

4. Visit some virtual museums.

Loads of museums offer virtual tours (including greats like the Louvre and the Museum of Modern Art), so carve out a few hours here and there and dive in with the kids. 

Once you’re done, hit up one of the many other virtual vacations we found. From national landmarks and zoos to theme parks and even farms, there is any number of locales you can tour digitally with just the click of a button.

5. One of the best spring break ideas for mom and dad? Check out a vineyard.

If you can finagle a couple’s trip without the kiddos, then a winery could be right up your alley. You can tour the vineyards, grab a tasting on the patio, or maybe even stay on site. (Many have bed-and-breakfast facilities you can take advantage of.)

6. Try a drive-through zoo.

Forget drive-in movies.

How about a drive-through zoo? Sometimes billed as drive-through “safaris,” these experiences feature wild animals like zebra, buffalo, deer, ostriches, and more, and in many cases, you can even feed them through your window.

They’re an amazing way to get out of your bubble and really see something different — all from the comfort of your own vehicle.

7. Tour some caverns.

Cave and cavern tours can be cool spring break ideas, too. You’ll go down underground and see stalagmites, stalactites, and endless cavernous tunnels that have been there for centuries.

A great little bonus? It’s typically nice and cool down there, offering a welcome break from the hot summer weather (especially here in Texas). 

8. Rent an RV and take a road trip.

Take a road trip in style, and rent a full-size camper or RV for the family. These handy vehicles allow you to pack more, sleep on the road, and overall just get more out of the trip.

They also reduce your infection risk since you’re not staying in a crowded hotel or someone else’s Airbnb.

9. Have a staycation.

Finally, if you’re short of funds or you’re just looking for the safest vacay possible, consider a nice staycation. You can have a field day in the backyard, host a board game tournament, or build something as a family — like a dog house or a vegetable garden. If you really want the full vacation effect, you can even swap rooms for a night or two. (The kids will probably love it!)

The bottom line about brainstorming socially distanced spring break ideas

Don’t let the pandemic take away that much-needed vacation. Get creative, think outside the box, and find ways to escape with your family in a low-risk but fun way.

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