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    Don’t want your new home covered in dog hair? Fortunately, that doesn’t have to mean forgoing a furry friend.

    There are plenty of dog breeds that don’t shed, leaving your new abode clean and fur-free. As a bonus, many are hypoallergenic, too — making them perfect for homeowners (or just visitors) with pet allergies and the like.

    Are you looking for a furry companion who won’t clog up your vents or make you sneeze? Here are some of the most popular shed-free dog breeds out there:

    1. Basenji. These small, short-haired dogs don’t shed at all — and they clean themselves, similar to how cats do. They’re also barkless, meaning they won’t bother your neighbors or wake that sleeping newborn you just got to sleep. Basenjis are also good watchdogs, making them perfect for protecting your new home while you’re away at work.
    2. Afghan hounds. At first glance, you wouldn’t expect these pups to be shed-free. With their long, soft hair, they’re the definition of furry. But despite their luscious locks, they don’t shed at all. It just requires lot of brushing! Just make sure you have plenty of space. They generally weigh between 50 and 60 pounds.
    3. Cairn terrier. If you’re looking for a small pup that’s good with kiddos, the cairn might be your best bet. At only about 10 inches tall, these no-shed dogs are the perfect playmate for little ones. But green thumbs be warned: they love to dig. Don’t expect flawless flower beds once this pup moves into town.
    4. Italian greyhound. With their super short coats and small stature, Italian greyhounds are the perfect, low-maintenance roommate. Just make sure you keep them off couches, chairs, and tables — their frail bones make them prone to broken legs and other impact-induced injuries.
    5. Maltese. Another fuzzy yet shed-free dog, the Maltese is a sweet and gentle breed known for its affection and intelligence. They’re usually only 5 to 6 pounds at most and require regular brushing. Although they’re great with kids, they’re best for homes with older children who can hold these tiny dogs responsibly.
    6. Dachshund. Both the short-haired and long-haired versions of this breed are shed-free. There are also standard and miniature sizes, so they’re great for virtually any living arrangement — from small apartments and condos to places with expansive yards and room to run.

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