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    You’ve been lucky to work with some great clients during your real estate career, and you’d love to add more of those to that list — especially if they are just like your past favorites! This is exactly why you put so much effort into nurturing your former clients. You’d love for them to send referrals your way, and one of your favorite ways to do that is to send client gifts to remind your buyers of the happiness they felt on the day of their closing and what it was like to work with you.

    If you’re considering sending first home-anniversary client gifts, we’ve got eight options to wow them with your generosity.

    1. Send a card instead of client gifts.

    Let’s start with something simple. Make the gifting easy for yourself and simply send a card on the anniversary of your client’s home closing. Sure, it isn’t the most creative way to let them know you’re thinking about them, but it’s still an opportunity to show that you’re thinking of them and you remember one of the major moments in their lives. 

    2. Order a personalized address stamp.

    By the time the one-year mark rolls around, your clients will likely be settled into their new home. They’ve purchased what they need to feel comfortable in their space, and there aren’t too many gadgets and gizmos that they require. 

    A gift that they could use, like a personalized address stamp — even if it isn’t something they necessarily need — is a fun way to check in with former clients. They’ll think of you every time they stamp their return address onto an envelope.

    3. Plants are client gifts that can grow with them.

    Flowers are great, but do you know what usually lives much longer? A plant.

    Similarly, a gift certificate to a local nursery or gardening center makes for a great client gift for your past clients. With this approach, you’ll be supporting a local business while also giving the homeowner the opportunity to pick the flowers, plants, shrubs, or trees that best suit their personal taste.

    4. Drop off a basket of eco-friendly home cleaning products.

    There is no point in time that a homeowner won’t need to clean. So why not share some green home cleaning products with them! Sure, it’s not the most exciting client gift, but it’s practical and helpful. And who knows, you might introduce your former clients to a new brand that they’ll love.

    5. Share a glance back in time.

    One sentimental gift your previous clients will love is a piece of art they can keep that reminds them of buying their home. For example, you could frame a photo that was taken of them at the closing or maybe one you took of them holding a “sold” sign.

    If you don’t have a picture of them, you could also work with an artist to render the likeness of your client’s home as part of their home-versary gift.

    6. Gift customized key rings or a key holder.

    How do your previous clients get into their homes? If you answered through a door, you’d be correct! Though, the point here is that your clients will constantly be locking and unlocking their doors, and if you’re looking for creative client gifts, a custom keyring or key holder to store their keys is a great option to celebrate their first year in their home.

    7. Put your detective skills to work.

    If you’re seeking creative client gifts, a binder with information you’ve collected about their home’s history would be an unexpected gift that your past clients will never forget. Do some digging online, and potentially in your local records office to see if there are any interesting historical facts you can dig up about the home. If you find anything, share it! 

    This is easily a task you can offload to someone else. All you have to do is deliver or mail the documents you’ve found when the person assisting you completed their task!

    8. An appointment with an interior designer.

    At the year mark, your previous home buyers have likely settled into their “new” home. But, that doesn’t mean they’re completely happy with how it looks on the inside — even if it is completely clean, organized, and decorated.

    By giving your past clients a consultation with an interior designer, they’ll be able to make changes themselves after they’ve received guidance from a pro, and your kindness to put something big and unexpected like this for them certainly won’t get forgotten!

    There’s no need to worry about creative client gifts with a list this long! Your clients will be so grateful that you took a moment to think of them, and you’ll be top of mind when someone in their network is looking for a real estate agent.

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