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    Whether you’re staging your house to sell, setting up an Airbnb or rental property, or just redecorating your kitchen, a great coffee bar can be the perfect touch. (It can also help you get that caffeine fix you need to stay motivated!)

    Need a little inspiration for creating your perfect at-home coffee bar? Let these five real-life options be your inspo:

    1. The portable option.

    If you’re tight on cash, space, or both, this push-cart coffee bar is a great option. You can stow it away in a closet or utility room until needed and then wheel it out when guests arrive. This example even divides and conquers — the top shelf’s for coffee and tea; the bottom’s for wine. Think of it as a day-to-night accessory.

    2. Simple and streamlined.

    This one just uses a small, waist-high shelving unit (or TV stand) coupled with a few floating shelves above. It’s compact, can easily go against a wall, and comes with endless possibilities. Add baskets for tea packets and K-cups, a tray for sugar, cream, and other fixings, and decor like succulents, flowers, and more.

    3. Vintage farmhouse style.

    If your home has that shabby chic, farmhouse vibe, this coffee bar may be a good fit. It’s made out of a restored dresser and features distressed paint and a matching floating shelf. This example shows it with white accessories, but you could also opt for some pops of color — especially against the muted dresser. Pastel blues, yellows, and greens could create a fun look while keeping that vintage feel.

    4. Fully stocked.

    This coffee bar has storage to spare. Made out of a restored hutch, it features plenty of space for a coffee maker, Keurig, teapot, or all three. The lower shelves are perfect for storing coffee pods, tea bags, stirrers, and other necessities, while the exposed shelving up top has room for even more.

    5. Countertop service.

    Is your kitchen super limited on space? Just turn a corner of the counter into your coffee bar, like this example here. You can utilize the drawers and cabinets underneath for storage, or even install pull-out trays as this homeowner did. Use them for cups, sugar, creamer, a French press, and other accessories.


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