5 Home Improvements to Make During the Summer

5 Home Improvements to Make During the Summer

Summer can be a busy season. Between work, social commitments, and trying to find time to get away, it can seem like there is hardly any time to tackle the summer home improvement projects on your to-do list.

Still, some home improvement projects are meant to be done during the warmer months. Keep reading to learn which projects should be moved to the top of your priority list.

Summer home improvement projects to get started on

1. Install new windows.

While installing new windows may sound like a big undertaking, it can also have big benefits. Ill-fitting windows not only lead to drafts and cold spots in the house, but they can also bring about sky-high energy bills during the summer months. That said, installing new windows with proper installation can help you save money while feeling more comfortable in your own home.

If there’s one home improvement project that you wanted to tackle during the summer heat, it’s installing new windows. Put simply, when you install new windows, the first step is to remove the old ones, which means that your living space is going to be drafty during the installation process. With that in mind, it’s best to do this home renovation project when temperatures are mild and when there isn’t a cloud in the sky.

2. Replace the roof.

Replacing your roof is along the same lines as installing new windows. In this case, if a large chunk of the roof is going to come off your home, you’re going to want to make sure that the weather stays warm and dry. To that end, summer is a great time to tackle this project, even if roofers tend to offer a discount for doing it during cooler months. The greater likelihood that the interior of your house will not get ruined by a pop-up rainstorm is worth far more than any savings you may receive.

3. Power wash your surfaces.

The next home improvement project to tackle during the summer is power washing your outdoor surfaces. While it’s most common to do your outdoor kitchen, deck, or patio, many other homeowners also take on power washing their siding or stucco as well. In addition, you may also want to do your front door for good measure. Once all your exterior surfaces are clean, you will feel ready to take on the summer season.

The best part about power washing is that this is not a scenario where you have to run out and buy another piece of expensive equipment. Many stores allow customers to rent a power washer for a day or for a weekend. Though it may feel like a lot of projects to undertake at one time, doing all of your pressure washing at once will help you refresh the look and feel of your outdoor space and your home.

4. Stain your deck.

Next up, consider staining your deck. Again, since this summer home improvement project takes place entirely outdoors, it’s important to put it on your to-do list during the warmer months. At base, staining the deck involves inspecting the surface to repair any loose or damaged boards, cleaning it thoroughly in order to get rid of any loose dirt, applying a coat or two of stain in your desired shade, and waiting for the stain to dry.

Depending on how many coats of stain you’ve already applied to your deck, you may need to do some sanding first. Floorboards can be done with an electric sander, but railings and spindles often require a finer degree of attention and are best done by hand.

5. Update your landscaping.

Lastly, you may want to think about giving your landscaping an update for the summer season. While some plants grow in nicely year after year, others can get tired or unruly after a few years and may need to be replaced. With that in mind, it’s important to keep an eye on the plants, bushes, and trees that fill your yard to make sure that they stay in tip-top shape year-round, including the winter months.

When you’re thinking of what new plants to include in your landscape design, consider how long each particular plant takes to grow, how much sun it needs, its watering schedule, and if it needs regular pruning or extra care. If you don’t have a green thumb or don’t feel like taking the time to do the research, consider hiring a landscape architect to help you make decisions about what will work best in your yard.

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