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    Whether you’re looking for a quick weekend project or you’re selling your house and need some extra marketability, updating your patio can help you do it.

    You don’t even need much cash, either.

    Do you want to spruce up your home’s patio this week? Here’s how to do it affordably:

    1. Add some string lights. Line your patio’s roof with oversized, bulb string lights to give it some ambiance (especially at night). If you want something more unique, try string lanterns or throwback Edison bulbs. You can even swap them out for Christmas lights around the holidays.
    2. DIY a fire pit. Adding a fire pit is actually easier than you’d think. You just need some paver bricks, gravel, and a few hours of sweat and elbow grease, and your backyard respite is in sight. Here’s a helpful tutorial here.
    3. Install a comfy bench. Stack flat concrete blocks into a low, rectangular pile against one patio wall. Cover the top with a covered foam pad, add a few pillows, and you’ve got instant seating for guests.
    4. Add a small sitting area. Don’t have room for a full table? Affix a tray to the top of a wooden stool and spray paint the entire piece in a single color. Add in a cheap wooden folding chair, and your own coffee-drinking/reading nook is born.
    5. Build a vertical garden. Use a ladder or an old crib frame to create some visual interest. Hook a small pail or planter box onto each rung, and plant unique flowers on each level. Then, lean the frame against a wall or in the corner. You could even add several if your patio is on the more spacious side.
    6. Install a pergola. Adding a pergola over your patio is a great way to add a more luxe feel to your outdoor space. You can also hang lights, hanging plants, wind chimes, lanterns, and curtains from it for extra oomph.
    7. Add a hanging chair or porch swing. Hanging seats add a nice welcoming touch, while also upping your entertaining capacity. Hammocks are an easy and affordable alternative, too, if you’re not too DIY-inclined.

    Are you looking to take on a larger home improvement project (or maybe build a patio from the ground up)? A cash-out refinance may be able to help you pay for it. Get in touch with an Embrace Home Loans mortgage specialist today to discuss your financial options.

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