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    Weekends aren’t just for relaxing. If you’re a homeowner, they’re also a great time for working around the house.

    In fact, if you want to protect your investment, ensure your home’s strength for the long haul and, most importantly, rake in those profits once it comes time to sell later on, then spending some of those R&R hours with your property is actually a must.

    Are you ready to put in the time and get your home in tip-top shape this June?

    Here are nine home improvement projects you can take on:

    1. If you’ve got allergies: Change the air filters and steam clean the carpets.

    You should change out your air filters every couple of months anyway, but if you’ve got bad allergies, they’ll need changing even more often. Steam-cleaning the carpets can also help remove indoor allergens like dirt, dust, and pet dander. You can usually rent a steam cleaner at any grocery or home improvement store.

    2. If you get a lot of rain: Clean your gutters.

    Clogged up gutters are a danger to your house — not to mention an eyesore. Grab a ladder and start cleaning out all the leaves, sticks, and debris that have gathered up in yours over the years, and be sure to check the downspouts, too. 

    Try to do this at least a few times a year, as clogged gutters can cause serious damage to your roof (and cost you tons of cash) if you’re not careful.

    3. If you need some curb appeal: Plant a garden.

    A well-trimmed yard is a must (especially if you have an HOA), but it’s only the foundation for great curb appeal. If you want a beautiful property — and one that’s marketable to buyers later on down the line, then some sort of landscaping is important, too. 

    Spend a few days planting a nice garden, and be sure to add in some mulch and an outline of decorative rocks or bricks to make the area pop. A few shady trees can hurt, either — especially if your yard gets lots of sunlight.

    4. If you’re short on storage space: Declutter and donate.

    Don’t let years of stuff and clutter take over your closets and shelves. Take some time to cull through those items, donating or throwing out what you no longer use.

    You might even consider selling some on Nextdoor, Facebook, or some other local app if they’re in good condition.

    5. If you’ve got kids: Clean out the dryer vent.

    One thing parents do a lot of? That’d be laundry. And after so many loads of laundry, lint starts to build up in the dryer vent. As it gets backed up, your dryer has to work hard, thus using more energy (and more money) to operate. It also poses a serious fire hazard. 

    6. If you’re in the kitchen a lot: Deep clean the oven and other appliances.

    Unless you’re a daily takeout aficionado, your appliances probably need a good deep cleaning. Scrub down your oven thoroughly, including:

    • on its inside
    • outside
    • racks, grates
    • broiling drawer
    • drip pans
    • behind the knobs.

    A degreasing agent is usually best when working on the inside, where lots of food and drippings have built up over time.

    7. If you want to save some cash: Upgrade your thermostat.

    If you still have an old manual thermostat, it’s time to upgrade — either to a programmable one (good) or a smart one (great).

    With a smart thermostat, you can set detailed schedules based on when your family is and isn’t home — a move that can save you tons of cash on your energy bills every month. Some energy companies even offer rebates for installing these types of units, which could help lower the cost of buying one in the first place.

    8. If you need to destress: Repaint your bathroom and install a soaking tub.

    Just need a place you can sit back and relax when you’re not at work? Turn your humdrum bathroom into an R&R respite. Repaint the room in a calming blue or grey, and change out your stand up shower or builder-grade tub for a soaking tub. 

    If you’re not up for changing out the tub, just change out your showerhead instead. A nice rainfall showerhead can be super relaxing or you could even go for a high-tech one that plays music or has different lighting features.

    9. If you have pets: Build a dog house.

    Finally, if you’re just up for a fun little family project, consider building Fido his very own home. The kiddos can help pick out the paint colors, while you work on the structure. You can even paint his name on the side to really personalize it.

    The Final Word

    While it can certainly be tempting to kick back and just put your feet up on those days away from the office, spending your off-hours updating your property may just be a better use of your time.

    Need help paying for those projects? A cash-out refinance may be able to help.

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