4 Tips for Making the Perfect Bed

4 Tips for Making the Perfect Bed

Whether you’re about to welcome guests, are preparing to sell your home, or you just want a more put-together place, a beautifully made and comfy bed can help you do it.

Not sure how to achieve that? Hotel beds are the ideal inspiration. 

Corners tucked, sheets neatly folded, and pillows expertly fluffed, it doesn’t get more perfectly made than a hotel bed.

Here’s how to make the perfect bed and achieve that fresh hotel look at home

1. Start in the middle.

Lay your sheet in the middle of the bed, and start flattening it from the center of the mattress out. The sheet should hang evenly over all four edges of the mattress pad.

A quick note here: Most hotels use flat sheets — both on top of the mattress and under the duvet. The majority do not use a fitted sheet, as they tend to look messier and don’t hug the mattress as tightly.

2. Pull and tuck.

Next, pull the bed sheets tightly, and finish each bottom corner with a hospital tuck. This video breaks down the process (it’s easier than it sounds). At the top, you’ll want to fold the upper edge of the sheet downward and tuck in each side tightly above the bed skirt to ensure you’re making the perfect bed.

3. Shake out your comforter or duvet.

Shaking out your top blanket fluffs it up and removes any wrinkles. Once you’ve done that, fold it in half, and drape it over the bottom half of the bed. It helps if your sheet and blanket have contrasting colors (a stark white sheet and a blanket in a bold hue, for example). You can either leave the duvet hanging off the sides for a more relaxed look, or tuck it in on the sides for something more polished. It is also important that the look of your duvet matches the rest of your bed and sheets.

4. Layer your pillows.

Finally, layer each pillow along the back of the bed. Start with longer, more basic pillows in the back (like the ones you sleep on), and work up to smaller, more decorative pillows as you move forward across the mattress. There should be at least three layers of pillows to really achieve that pulled-together look. Also remember that each decorative pillow should match the style of the other parts of the bed.

Create that hotel look

If you follow all these steps, you should know how to make the perfect bed at home. However, if you need more resources to achieve that perfect hotel bed look at home a cash-out refinance may be able to help. Use your funds toward home renovations, repairs, furniture, or decor, and invest in your home’s long-term value. 

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