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    A spare room does not a guest room make.

    Sure, you can throw a bed in your empty extra bedroom and let a friend “crash” there, but if you really want your friends and loved ones to get excited about their visits, you need a true guest room — a space where they can feel comfortable, relaxed, and welcome.

    Have a spare room you’ve been letting sit vacant? Want to entice your friends and family to visit more often? Here’s how to turn that stark empty space into a home away from home:

    1. Let there be light. You’ll definitely want at least a single overhead light, but don’t stop there. Consider adding bedside lamps for the late-night reader, track lighting over desks or study areas, and a dimmer switch to make lighting more customizable.
    2. Go for cool colors. Forget the blank white walls the room came with, and get to painting. Opt for blues, greys, greens, and other cool colors — either all over or in pops. These hues tend to have a calming effect, helping your guests feel welcome and at ease during their stay away from home.
    3. Pile on the pillows. Nothing makes a guest room cozier than lots of fluffy, comfortable pillows. Go for different sizes and shapes, and make sure to choose different but complementary colors and patterns. It will add more visual appeal to the space.
    4. Install a ceiling fan. Your guests may run at different temperatures than you, so give them the chance to adjust the climate to their liking. By the same token, use a few different layers of blankets on the bed — one a light sheet, one a thin linen blanket, and the other a thick comforter to give them options.
    5. Ensure privacy. Your guests will likely appreciate some form of privacy, so make sure there are locks on the doors — especially if the room uses a shared restroom. Wooden blinds and a thick curtain (maybe even a blackout one) can also help add an extra layer of privacy for anyone who stays.

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