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    When we hear the term “core values” we usually think about the core values of the company where we work. A company’s core values, in combination with its mission statement, provide not just a roadmap for goal-setting, but clear direction for the behavior of its employees in carrying out day-to-day business.

    Has your employer defined and clearly articulated the company’s core values? Have you clearly defined your own personal core values?

    Do the two align?

    Values are ideals. These ideals are guiding principles that dictate our behavior towards others. Our personal core values are the heart of who we are. They define the world we aspire to create, the friendships we make, the relationships we build, how we use our money, and how we spend our time. Our core values inform our decisions and fuel our ambitions. When it comes to our behavior and the choices we make, our core values keep us true to ourselves. And, while we may not always achieve these high ideals, we commit to striving to attain them.

    As individuals, we strive for success both personally and professionally. For you to thrive, it’s important that your personal and professional core values align. There are many types of core values to choose from.

    Here are a some basic principles some choose to live by:

    • Honesty: Transparency and truthfulness to build trust with others
    • Integrity: Character and reputation guided by principled moral values
    • Reliability: Commitment that you and others can count on
    • Responsibility: Accountability, whether right or wrong
    • Consistency: Dependable and thoughtful behavior
    • Respect: Recognition earned by age, reputation, or achievement
    • Compassion: Concern for fellow human beings
    • Service: Belief in devoting time and resources to helping others
    • Positivity: Belief that goodness and honesty will win the day
    • Perseverance: Grit and determination through challenging times
    • Collaboration: Humility and willingness to work as part of a team

    For many companies, these values are consistent with or provide the inspiration for their core values. Here at Embrace Home Loans, for example:

    We know that success isn’t just about how much business you do, it’s about how you do business. To us that involves an extraordinarily high degree of integrity and honesty. We’re always looking ahead and like to take a 360° approach to success. We continually strive to be the industry leader in customer satisfaction, employee fulfillment, community outreach, and financial performance. Grit, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to our seven core values helps make this possible: Community, Courage, Empowerment, Fulfillment, Love, Innovation, and Achievement.

    Are you and your company in alignment when it comes to core values? If not — or if they’ve tried and continue to fail to live up to their commitment — maybe it’s time you work for a company that does.

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