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    Your home is an investment and knowing how to properly maintain it makes good financial sense. By learning easy home repair, you can save money on home maintenance repairs and upgrades. You also have more control over your home projects and will be better prepared to hire professionals for the jobs that are outside of your experience. But where do you learn home improvement skills?

    3 Ways You Can Start Learning Home Improvement Skills Today

    1. Community Colleges: Many community colleges offer programs and basic job training courses in home improvement areas, and they may issue certifications to home improvement contractors.

    2. Local Hardware Stores: Large national chains like Home Depot and Lowe’s often host classes and workshops designed to help new homeowners with home improvement projects. These workshops cover a wide range of topics, from installing tile flooring to painting interior walls.

    3. Books and Other Media: DIY books, TV networks, magazines, and online resources can also be valuable sources of information for learning home improvement skills.

    What are Some Online Resources to Learn Home Improvement Skills?

    • The Family Handyman: This website offers tutorials and how-to guides on a wide range of home improvement topics.
    • This Old House: Similar to The Family Handyman, This Old House provides reputable sources for home improvement information, including tutorials and how-to guides.
    • YouTube: YouTube is a vast resource for home improvement tutorials. However, it’s recommended to cross-reference the information you find with multiple sources to ensure you’re getting accurate information.
    • Home Depot and Lowe’s Online Tutorials: Major hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s have their own online tutorials and how-to guides that can be very helpful.
    • DIY Networks and TV Shows Online Resources: TV networks like HGTV and DIY Network have online resources that can be useful for learning home improvement skills.
    • Online Forums: Websites like Reddit have communities where users share their experiences and advice on home improvement projects.

    Remember, when learning from online resources, it’s important to cross-reference the information you find with multiple sources to ensure accuracy.

    What are Some Online Courses for Advanced Home Improvement Skills?

    Udemy Courses

    Home Repair Made Easy: This course may cover a range of topics suitable for those looking to expand their basic skills.

    How to Install Carpet, Tile and Vinyl Planking: For those interested in flooring, this course provides specialized knowledge.

    Carpentry: How to Demolish a Wall and Build a New Wall: This course teaches more advanced carpentry skills.

    The Basics of Household Wiring. The Electrical System A to Z: An advanced course for those interested in understanding and working with household electrical systems.

    Irrigation 101: Electrical Basics and Irrigation Timers: This course is for those looking to learn about irrigation systems and their electrical components.

    Irrigation 101: Piping Systems: This course offers in-depth knowledge about irrigation piping systems.

    Comprehensive Home Repair and Improvement: Aimed at advanced students, this course covers a wide range of home repair and improvement skills, including electrical, plumbing, and appliance work.

    New York City College of Technology, City University of New York

    Offers classes such as basic home repair and basic plumbing, which could be a starting point before moving on to more advanced topics.

    While the courses listed above range from beginner to advanced, they can provide a solid foundation for more complex home improvement projects. Be sure that the course content matches the skill level you want to achieve and your specific objectives.

    Here are Four Volunteer Options Where You Can Learn and Apply Home Improvement Skills

    1. National Park Service: Volunteers can participate in various maintenance and improvement projects within national parks, providing opportunities to learn and apply DIY skills.

    2. Habitat for Humanity: This organization offers volunteer opportunities to build or repair homes with families, providing hands-on experience in home construction and renovation.

    3. Local Community Programs: Many local community programs, such as HomeFront, organize volunteer events to fix up homes in need, offering opportunities for individuals to learn and apply home repair skill.

    4. Low-Income Home Repair Organizations: Volunteer opportunities are available with organizations that focus on repairing and restoring homes for low-income homeowners, providing a practical learning environment for home maintenance and repair skills.

    By participating in these volunteer opportunities, you can gain valuable experience and training while at the same time making a positive impact on the community. If ever there was a true win/win this would be it.

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