Where to Learn Home Improvement Skills

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Your home is an investment and knowing how to properly maintain it makes good financial sense. By learning easy home repair, you can save money on home maintenance repairs and upgrades. You also have more control over your home projects and will be better prepared to hire professionals for the jobs that are outside of your experience. But where do you learn home improvement skills?

Take a class at your local hardware store

Local hardware stores such as Home Depot often offer classes and clinics designed to teach you how to handle common repairs and home projects. You can learn how to repair a faucet or toilet, paint like a pro, install tile, change a light fixture and much more. Hardware stores may offer fun classes for kids as well.

Buy (or borrow) DIY books

If you prefer to be self-taught, it’s easy to find home improvement books geared toward any skill level. To save money, check to see if your local library has the books you need to help you take your first step and tackle a home project or repair.

Use online tutorials

Don’t overlook the usefulness of the Internet when learning home improvement skills. There are many websites devoted to teaching DIY techniques to homeowners. Having multiple websites available also makes it easy to compare different approaches to the same home improvement project.

Help friends with their homes

Offering to help your friends and family members with their home projects can be a great way to learn. Your friends will appreciate the help and you can get free lessons that you can use later on your own home. If you have a family handyman, they should be the first person you ask to help.

Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity

Volunteering with a local Habitat for Humanity project lets you help others while learning useful skills from seasoned professionals. If you volunteer regularly, you can build a range of skills which will help you with projects throughout your home.

Learning by doing is often the best approach when it comes to starting a home improvement project. Start with small projects and work your way up as your home repair skills develop

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