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    Home buying can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not sure where to start looking. With the Internet at our fingertips, there are several different ways to find open houses near you. Here are some of the best places online to find open houses for your dream home.

    Whether you’re looking for your first home or your forever home, these sites will help you find the perfect place to start your search.

    So what are you waiting for? Start browsing today!

    Zillow is a popular real estate website that offers an extensive database of homes for sale. You can use the site to find open houses in your area and set up alerts for when new ones become available.

    Additionally, Zillow provides a wealth of information on the real estate market, including data on recent home sales, price drops and more. This makes it a great resource for buyers and sellers alike.

    Whether you’re looking to buy a new home or sell your current one, Zillow can be a helpful tool in your search.

    How to get open house alerts on Zillow

    According to their website:

    • first create a free account and profile
    • Next, you can favorite a home and save it to your profile by clicking the heart icon.
    • These homes can be viewed in the Saved Homes section of your profile.

    When you save a home, you will receive email updates on the status changes, price adjustments, or when an open house is scheduled for the home.

    Redfin is a real estate website that offers a wide range of search filters to help you find open houses that meet your specific criteria. You can filter by:

    • price
    • location
    • number of bedrooms and bathrooms
    • and other features to help you find the perfect home

    It is a great resource for finding open houses that fit your specific needs and budget. The search filters allow you to tailor your search to find homes that meet your criteria, and the wide range of prices ensures that you can find a home that fits your budget. Whether you are looking for a new home or just dreaming, Redfin is a great place to search.

    How to get open house alerts on Redfin

    According to their support page, Open House time and date will show in a banner at the top of the page of a specific home listing as well as below the listing agent’s information and above the Payment Calculator.

    Once you save the open houses you plan to attend, you can choose to see these homes on a map.

    You will also see the date and time of each open house, automatically organized by date and time for viewing on a desktop PC or mobile device.

    You can save up to 20 open houses per day. is a comprehensive real estate website that offers a variety of tools to help you find open houses near you. You can search by location, price, and other criteria to find homes that fit your needs.

    It has plenty of helpful tools that make it easy to look for open houses in the right location and price range.

    With its advanced search capabilities, you can get a jump start on finding the perfect space before it even hits the market.

    How to get open house alerts on

    • Here’s how, on their website, click the “open house” box under the More Filters tab, where you can select the size and type of home you’d like to visit and even whether it has a pool or other amenities you would like.
    • Click the “sort by” drop-down to Open House Data. is a real estate website that offers a variety of search filters to help you find open houses near you.

    You can also create an account on the site to save your favorite listings and get alerts when new open houses become available.

    How to get open house alerts on

    • Do a simple search for the area you’re interested in, then click the “All Filters” button.
    • A long box will pop up, scroll down to the bottom and check “Open House & Tour Info”.
    • Then click “See Homes” it’s that easy.

    MLS Listings

    To keep up to date on properties for sale in your neighborhood, you can sign up for MLS listings. This is a database of homes that are for sale by real estate agents. To access this database, you will need to sign up with a real estate agent or broker.

    Once you have an account, you can search for properties that meet your criteria in your area. You can also set up alerts, so you’ll be notified as soon as a new property that meets your needs is listed for sale.

    It also has a mobile app that you can use to access your listings anytime, anywhere.

    Social Media

    If you want to be notified when new properties are for sale, join social media groups specifically focused on real estate to keep track of new listings as they come up.

    Facebook, Instagram and are great resources.

    Search by using the hashtag #openhouse plus your city, and you’ll find plenty of real estate listings with gorgeous pictures of homes that will be open.

    You can also use these groups to connect with agents and brokers who can help you find the perfect home. Use the groups to chat, post about what you’re looking for in a property, and ask if anyone knows of any homes that match your criteria. You can also set up alerts for these groups so you will be notified every time a new post is made.

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