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    If you’re using social media to market your business, your listings, or just to find potential buyers and sellers, then hashtags need to be on your radar.

    For one, hashtags can help your posts perform better organically on the web, and that means more visibility and increased exposure to new clients. 

    More than that, though, they can also elevate your reputation, showing just how digitally savvy you (and your marketing efforts) really are. For discerning sellers in need of a tough agent who can help them sell fast and get the most for their home, this can be a big draw.

    Not sure how to use hashtags or exactly which ones exactly should you be using? This guide is here to help.

    What are hashtags?

    Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s talk about exactly what hashtags are. Hashtags first emerged a little over a decade ago on the social media platform Twitter. They were basically a way of adding keywords to a Tweet, so they would show up in search results and could be indexed. Hashtags were also used to measure and promote the “trending topics” that show up within Twitter feeds.

    Over the years, just about every social platform out there has incorporated hashtags, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even LinkedIn, and they’ve made it easier to both promote your content, as well as participate in trending conversations across the web. Usually, all you have to do is click a hashtag, and it will reveal the most recent posts for that term.

    How to use hashtags

    Using hashtags is pretty simple. You just take a term, add the pound sign to the front, and incorporate it into your post. Usually, you’ll want to put hashtags at the end of your post, so it doesn’t muddle your original message.

    Here are a few examples:

    Just listed this oceanfront villa in Santa Monica for $1.5 million. Check out those views!
    #santamonica #justlisted #oceanfront #luxuryliving

    Hosting a first-time homebuyer’s seminar today at @SmithvilleCommunityCenter. Come join me!
    #firsttimebuyers #realestate #homebuying #smithville

    Staged this Phoenix home in the holiday spirit! Come and get it!
    #phoenix #realestate #holidaydecor #justlisted #forsale

    Don’t overload your posts with hashtags. Adding dozens and dozens looks spammy and inauthentic. Instead, pick a few of the most fitting, appropriate ones, and use only those. Think quality over quantity here.

    Potential real estate hashtags to use

    As an agent, the potential hashtags you can use are endless. You can go literal, and use hashtags about selling, buying, or just real estate in general, or you can go more specific, focusing on certain niches, geographic locations, or even your own business. 

    You can also tap into the growing interest in home-related inspiration by using decor, architecture, landscaping, and other related tags.

    Here are just a few of the many hashtags you might consider adding to your social posts moving forward:

    • Geographic: #city, #neighborhood, #streetname, #community, #schooldistrict, #cityliving, #cityhomes, #uptowncity, #downtowncity, 
    • Industry-focused: #realestate, #realtor, #realestateagent, #realestatelife, #broker, #homebuying, #househunting, #brokerage, #realty
    • Inspo-related: #architecture, #design, #beforeandafter, #homestaging, #remodeling, #renovations, #dreamhome, #landscaping, #luxuryliving, #housegoals
    • Niches: #luxury, #fixerupper, #starterhome, #newhomes, #newconstruction, #milliondollarlisting, #condo, #townhome, #emptynesters, #firsttimebuyers, #foreclosure, #HUDhome, #mansion, #luxuryrealestate, #investmentproperty, #FSBO, #coop, #fixandflip
    • Sale-specific: #homesales, #forsale, #justsold, #propertysales, #justlisted, #openhouse, #newlisting
    • Branded: #yourname, #agentyourname, #agencyname, #yournamesells

    Think about the ideal audience you’re trying to reach with your post. What would they be searching for? What are their interests? You can also check out trending topics in your area and try to capitalize on those. (Look on the right side of the Twitter home page or check out Google Trends for help).

    You should also come up with at least one or two branded hashtags that you use in all your posts. This will make it easier for potential clients to search your entire catalog of posts, and it will also give others tags to use when posting related content. (Say your buyers want to post a picture of their new home and tag you in it. They can use your branded hashtag to boost your visibility!)

    Some quick tips

    As you get started using hashtags, don’t be afraid to experiment. See what terms gain you traction, and which ones seem to be less effective. Be sure to use the built-in analytics tools that come with most platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have them), and see what posts and tags are resonating best. Use that to guide your strategy moving forward.

    And don’t forget, hashtags are just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to reaching new customers and gaining referrals. Be sure to partner with strong vendors who will take care of your clients and deliver on the stellar experience you already started.

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