Keeping Prospects Engaged Until the Right Property Comes Along

Real Estate Marketing Tip

Last week, we took a look at networking the old fashioned way. This is one way to leverage face-to-face interactions — particularly with businesses and professional colleagues — to generate solid referrals.

Staying close to prospects requires more than just liking the client’s most recent Facebook post or tweet. Email is another worthy communication strategy, but it’s easy for even the most thoughtful email to get lost among all the other promotional offers, newsletters, and spam that clog our inboxes each morning.

Offline personalized marketing initiatives enable you to separate yourself from the crowd. This is brand-building on a very direct level and attempts to make a real human connection. It’s an opportunity to remind prospects of the efforts you’ve made and to reaffirm your commitment to helping them find their dream home.

What You Can Do to Personalize Your Offline Marketing

Write a letter.

In this day and age, there’s nothing more surprising than a handwritten note. A personalized letter shows you took the time and made the effort to acknowledge and strengthen your bond with that person. While this tactic is often employed for thank you notes, taking the time to check in with and update a prospect who may be disillusioned with the current state of house hunting, can go along way. By doing so you reassure the client that you’re not giving up — and they shouldn’t either. Choose a unique paper stock or a blank greeting card. If your handwriting is a problem, hire a calligrapher or find someone who has a unique cursive style. Choose a colorful envelope — one that will make your missive stand out from the rest of the mail.

Send a postcard.

Postcards are cheaper to send and can be sent more often. A picture of new home — ideally a current listing — is a great way to say “wish you were here.”

Pick up the phone.

In the age of texting, a personal phone call is a rarity and may not be appreciated by everyone; use your judgment.

Meet in person.

Getting together with a client for a cup of coffee shows that you value the relationship enough to take time out of your day to see how they are doing.

Always follow up.

However you make contact, always follow up. If you called, send a follow up note. If you sent a letter or a postcard, follow up with a phone call or connect through social media. When possible, provide information or answer a question that arose from your last meeting or other communications. Bottom line here is to deepen the connection and remind the client of your dedication. It’s also a great opportunity to pursue referrals.

Keep track of all interactions.

Of course it goes without saying, but always track each interaction in your CRM. Include copies of letters, text from postcards, and details of your conversations.

Don’t over do it.

Use moderation and pay close attention to how your clients react. Many will appreciate the customization, but others may feel intimidated or, worse, targeted.

Over the last several weeks we’ve been focusing on maintaining connections with current customers when inventory is in short supply. With home prices rising three times faster than rents, losing a potential homebuyer to those townhouse apartments becomes ever more likely. So, what can you do to keep their dream of homeownership alive? Step away from the keyboard and personalize your marketing.


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